Property transfers


D.R. Horton Inc. of Delaware to Alan Mullis and Julia L. Mullis, lot Collybrooke subdivision, Windrush Court Property of Collybrooke, LLC, phase II, $279,500

Anna J. Eickenhorst and Jeffrey A. Eickenhorst to Joseph Hipps and Tabetha Eanes-Hipps, lot Hilton Meadows and NC-65, $250,000

WJH, LLC, of Delaware, to Michelle S. Johnson, lot Chestnut Oaks, phase III, $120,000

Robert D. Wrisley and Bonnie R. Wrisley to James Nathan Williams and Cynthia Stockton Williams, lot final plat of Windward at Belews Landing, phase I, $329,000

Edward Vance Marshall and June S. Marshall, co-Trustees of the Marshall Living Trust, 1/3 undivided interest; along with William E. Calvert Jr. and Elena M. Calvert, 1/3 undivided interest; plus Terri Bailey Johnson and Commie R. Johnson, 1/3 undivided interest, to South Rockingham Corporate Park LLC of NC, 75 +/- acres NC-68, $690,000


Sankea Properties LLC, to Kara Lynn Graves, lot Clark Street, $12,500

Riad J. Shomali and Liz A. Shomali to Christine L. Carter and Robert Douglas Carter, lot Robin Road, $55,000


Buddie Calvin Adkins and Amanda Brooke Adkins to Jeffrey Darren Scott and Katherine Watson Scott, lot Dogwood Acres Lane, $187,500

Martin H. Richwine III and Elizabeth Lewis Richwine to Wesley Kenneth Moore and Julie Simpson Moore, lot Deep Springs Country Club, section J, $20,000


John E. Beasley and Keela N. Beasley to David Gregory Colescott, 7.04 acres “Subdivision for Christopher D. McKinney,” $80,000


Avocet Investments LLC, to Lawrence Fusco and Diane Fusco, lot Pearman Estates, phase II, $60,000


Norman Kimball and Judy Kimball to Mary Shorey and Lee Shorey Jr., lot Doe Run or Village Oaks, phase II, $121,000

Justin Scott Hall and Katherine Rakestraw Hall to Shawn Furgurson and Celeste Furgurson, lot Sunset View Road, $10,000

Faye L. O’Quinn, by and through her attorney-in-fact, Aleeta Richardson Smith, to Michael S. McCullough and Cheri L. McCullough, lot US-29 at NC-1936, $15,500

TRA Investments LLC, to Eric Matthew Stine, 1.78 acres McCoy Road, $169,000

McKinney & Sons Builders Inc. to Howard W. Townsend III, 3.67 acres “Final Plat for Stones Throw by Joseph G. Stutts, PLLC,” $218,000

Edward S. Harlow Jr. and Linda Harlow to Michael S. Kilgariff and Shari G. Kilgariff, three tracts minor subdivision plat for Edward S. Harlow Jr., $180,000

Edward S. Harlow Jr. and Linda Harlow to Michael S. Kilgariff and Shari G. Kilgariff, two tracts (25.982 acres) minor subdivision plat for Edward S. Harlow Jr, $200,000

Timothy W. Allen and Virginia Darlene Allen to Michael Cleve Bray Sr. and Teresa Stafford Bray, lot Wolf Island Road, $59,000

Divorces filed

Divorces filed in District Court

Gary James Bryant vs. Mary Anne Bryant

Kheesha Michelle Edwards vs. Robert Lawrence Edwards

Taylor Danielle Kea vs. Guy Tashard Jonassaint

Edward Jakob Miller vs. Aren Roshelle Miller

Tamorris L. Wooten vs. Minon Shavon Wooten

Joshua Vincent M. Pedroza vs. Mairi Elizabeth Pedroza

Amy Addis Bryant vs. Robert Gene Bryant Jr.

Zenya Semela Gonzalez vs. Fernando Gonzalez

James Herman Carpenter vs. Angela Lynn Carpenter

Divorces granted

Divorces granted in District Court

Ashley Elizabeth Elmendorf from Brian Roger Elmendorf

Kimberly Moore Hernandez from Alvaro Torres Hernandez

Patrick Allen Wright from Julie Rose Wright

Kerry David Briggs from Jennifer Brown Briggs

Angela N. Johnson from Lee T. Johnson

Chris Allen Oxendine from Tamara Jolley Oxendine

Larry Berton Williams III from Ashley Anne Williams

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