Halloween tale artwork - Morgan Cardille

Morgan Cardille, 10th grade, New Garden Friends School. The kids and Muffin the dog were dressed as “Star Wars” characters Lando Calrissian, Han Solo and Chewbacca. As they walked, J.J. scanned the horizon, hand across his forehead, as if he were attempting to peer around the setting sun. “You know if you stare at it too long, you’ll go blind,” Clint said, looking down every few seconds at his Millennium Falcon-shaped candy bowl as he walked, acting as though he thought if he didn’t keep watching it the candy would disappear. “What?” J.J. asked. “The sun. You shouldn’t stare at the sun,” Clint said. “Oh, that’s not what I’m doing,” J.J. said. “I’m looking for aliens.”

A loud whirring sound filled their ears, causing Muffin to tremble.

“What is that?” JJ yelled, his words muffled by the roaring above him.

“We need to get out of here!” Clint hollered, grabbing Muffin. The boys took off on a run down the street.

“We’re close to my house!” JJ yelled over the whirring. He cut a hard left down another street. Clint trailed behind,

“Hold on!” Clint screamed, His fear causing him to trip over his own feet. He stumbled, and fell face forward onto the pavement. Muffin squealed as they both slammed on the ground.

“Clint!” JJ ran over to his friend. His knees were shiny with blood. The boys’ hearts were pumping.

“We’re gonna die!” Clint wailed.

“Don’t say that!” JJ yelled back. After a moment of dread, they looked up, awaiting their fate. Suddenly, the whoosh of a helicopter passed over them and continued down the street. It was quiet now, no wind, no lights, no screaming.

The boys sat for a moment, turned to each other, then busted out in laughs of relief.

“Wait ...” Clint sat up, looking around.

“What? What is it?” JJ said in a hushed tone.

“Where’s Muffin?” Clint now stood up, panic settling in his eyes. The boys started to call out her name in hopes that her little tail would come wagging in the dark.

“She’ll die out there, JJ!” Clint cried.

“We’ll find her, I promise ... Here, come look this way.” JJ grabbed Clint’s hand and led him to a pathway not far from the road.

Just then a rustle erupted from the bushes.

“Do you hear that?” Clint whispered,

“Hear what?” JJ replied. Then, a figure taller than anything they had ever seen emerged from the bushes. Muffin in its hands.

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