To the editor:

I would like to express my outrage to a remark made on ROCK 92 Wednesday morning after Election Day. This person made the statement that ``I hate blacks, I am prejudice and I voted for Jesse Helms.' It is my opinion that out of the 52 percent who voted for Jesse Helms, 40 percent probably voted for Jesse Helms for that reason. I had heard so many comments in passing regarding the race for the Senate seat and most were to the tune of ``I don't really like Helms, but I don't want to vote for that black guy either.'Even though Jesse Helms is the worst thing that could happen to North Carolina, he was voted in because of the racial prejudice that is so predominant in North Carolina. So, many thanks to this person and others who have this attitude; we will suffer another six years under the reign of Jesse Helms. Woe unto North Carolina. Julieanna Smith McLeansville

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