A Greensboro woman sliced her Thanksgiving turkey and her husband Thursday afternoon during a dispute, authorities said.

Lena K. Brown, 31, of Lot 61, 830 Jonquil Drive was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly turning a butcher knife on her husband, George, 34, as he argued with her while she carved a turkey for the family's holiday meal.``They had been jawing back and forth,' said Guilford County Sheriff's Deputy J.W. Jackson. ``She said he was talking hateful, being ugly to her.'

George Brown suffered a small cut on his left wrist and was treated at home by emergency medical workers, Jackson said. Lena Brown was released from jail Thursday night when her husband posted her $200 bond.

``She said, 'One bad part about it - I didn't even get to taste the turkey,' ' Jackson said.

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