Excerpts from June 6, 1989, interview between Alamance County detective Phil Ayers and Blanche Taylor Moore. At that time, investigators knew the Rev. Dwight Moore had been poisoned with arsenic. Raymond Reid's body was exhumed June 13, 1989. Moore was arrested July 17, 1989.

Ayers: When he (Reid) started getting real sick when he was in the hospital, did you ever carry him food or anything?Moore: No. You couldn't carry him food.

Ayers: You never carried Raymond no food while he was in the hospital?

Moore: No sir, I didn't ... I don't remember taking anything into - into his room.

Ayers: Did Raymond ever give you any money?

Moore: Uh, well, as a matter of fact, yes, he did. Raymond did give me money.

Ayers: Did he give you a large amount of money?

Moore: When he was in Colorado, he wrote me or called me or something. I can look it up. He said he felt so guilty that he was on vacation and I was not and he sent me a check for $1,000.

Ayers: Was that the most he ever gave you?

Moore: To my knowledge. But now Raymond, he was always giving me something, buying me expensive gifts.

Ayers: Well, it's obvious that he must have really loved you.

Moore: Well, I think he did. And another thing that I have to honestly say about this thing with Dwight was that he knew - knew that Dwight (hits microphone). I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Another thing, uh, Raymond knew about Dwight.

Ayers: We cannot ignore the fact that you got a husband here with arsenic in him. If Raymond Reid had got it in him, you are the only connection between the two.

Moore: What do you mean the only connection when I - I - I went all that span of time and did not see Raymond before he got sick?

Ayers: You know, Blanche, you visiting him the whole time he was in the hospital.

Moore: When Raymond was in the hospital, he had one nurse with him all the time. You went in for five minutes.

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