A judge Thursday sentenced to death a businessman convicted in the slayings of two men, including the videotaped shooting of a North Carolina man while he was tied to a tree.

Circuit Judge James Foxman ordered Konstantinos Fotopoulos to die in Florida's electric chair, as jurors recommended Monday.The only alternative punishment was life in prison without parole for 25 years.

Shortly after he was convicted last week, Fotopoulos, 31, slashed his left wrist and both legs in what his attorney said was an attempt to ``cheat' prosecutors of their hopes to execute him.

Fotopoulos was convicted of murdering Kevin Ramsey, of Wilmington, N.C., and Bryan Chase, 18, Nov. 4, 1989, after Chase shot Fotopoulos' wife, Lisa Fotopoulos, in the couple's bedroom. Prosecutors said Chase was hired by Fotopoulos to kill his wife so he could collect on her insurance policy. She survived.

Prosecutors found a videotape in Fotopoulos' garage that showed his former lover, Deidre Hunt, shooting Ramsey four times while he was tied to a tree.

Hunt, 21, testified that Fotopoulos forced her to kill Ramsey, 19, on Oct. 20, 1989, to ensure her cooperation in his plot to kill his wife. She pleaded guilty in the deaths of Ramsey and Chase and has been sentenced to death.

Lisa Fotopoulos is suing her husband for divorce.

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