Myles Keogh

Agreed. Problem today is if you threw spitballs in the third grade you will be demonized, as will your family. Who wants to put up with that garbage?

Enough of this nonsense. See you twenty years.

Myles Keogh commented on Our Opinion: The NBA cowers

NBA stars and league should be ashamed. NO MORE NBA for me.

Myles Keogh commented on NBA, others, should stand up to China

Based on LeBron’s comments. The players will do whatever their Chinese masters tell them to do. Odd., the NBA has imported China’s values halting freedom of expression.

Myles Keogh commented on Trump’s new title

Guess you missed, “if you like your plan and your doctor you can keep them.”

Madness. Is any adult in charge ?

If you emulated Trump. You would be healthy, married, and President.

Herb, you really do not know what a dictator is.

Myles Keogh commented on The right priority

So, anyone who does not agree with your opinion is stupid? Happy to live in your head, rent free.By the way, here is an example of stupid,” if you like your plan and your doctor you can keep them.” Talk to you soon.

A police chief from Portland would be a disaster for this city.They so not enforce the law in that city, they look the other way’

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