All of us are laughing at the ignorance in that letter

Plant a trillion trees the problem will be solved

You should try listening to Rush Limbaugh.. you can call him on Friday.. and ask him anything you want. It is open Line Friday.

Lexi please point to anything that says what you wrote is accurate.

Tell us Lexi. Just what kind of Voters does she want?

Plant trees. There was an article in this paper about 2 months ago saying that a trillion trees need to be planted on Earth.. they probably cut a million trees down in this area just building that outer loop around the city.. so get out there and start planting and quit squawking about cl…

I am going to think. I think I will vote for Donald Trump 2020

I thought Jade Osborne was a man

Trump 20/20. It is a no brainer. My 401k says vote Donald Trump always

Tell us what you have done to fight climate change mr. Dawson.

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