Greg Benoit

Things appear to be worse than ever thanks largely to the 24/7 news cycle (thanks, Ted Turner) and social media via the internet (thanks, Al Gore, self proclaimed inventor.)

When the condition of the world is perceived primarily through the lens of one’s own life, friends, coworkers…

It must be a full moon.

Armageddon. The level of hysteria is comical.

Well, you should know, Lexy, you are god here on earth in your all knowing capacity.

Greensboro serves as my 30th place of residence. I have lived east , west, north, south and in the middle of these United States. Greensboro is the best. Not too big, not too small, even on the worst times, traffic is delightful compared to Washington, DC, San Francisco, Dallas, or Atlant…

Bill and s.j. , you two are clueless.

s.j., don’t you think you would be happier in life if you were to finally act all grown up and offer to pay your Mom some modicum of rent for your basement abode?

Are you really so clueless?

Why would I possibly care to insult him in Trumpedque fashion. I don’t like Trump. I want to insult him in the manner he so richly deserves.

s.j., you are a twit.

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