More biased reporting from the lame stream news. It is comical and disappointing how any news and disagreement in politics will be presented in a way to defend the liberal, and demean any opposing view. The media today is an enemy of the American people.

It began in the days following the 2016 election when democrats boasted they would disrupt and deny any progress and leadership the President attempted. Then the world really got a laugh when the clowns tried to impeach the President on a lie simply because they were sore losers.

More nonsense from Gary the Trump hater.

Us? Speak for yourself, and those you know for a fact feel that way. Get to know your neighbors and fellow citizens and stop allowing the media and ignorant people to mold your thinking.

Tony the statistics you and so many others conveniently fail to mention is the percentage of blacks involved in violent crimes, and resisting arrest . The high number of murders of black men by black men which occur every week demonstrate serious problems in the black community that are r…

The lamestream media refuses to cover it. so much that is newsworthy is ignored by todays media because it doesnt fit into their biased narrative and liberal agenda. And crazy people bilnded by hate like James are just fine with it.

James you are so incredibly nasty. A few big words can't hide the fact you are overcome by hate and anger and unable to view words and actions with objectivity. And you chose to take the time to share it with the N&R readers. Get a grip and a life.

Beth you are pure looney. I'm quite certain you didn't listen that closely to the amazing speech that was given. None so blind........

Oh Donald..... you seem to be getting worse. And that's saying a lot.

......unjust treatment is UNtrue.

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