Don Edwards

Don Edwards commented on Trump is making Russia great again

By the way Mr. Benoit, who started the never ending war in the middle east? I will give you a small clue, it wasn,t democrats.

Greg, Rudy is a typical conservative loony and so are you.

Don Edwards commented on Trump needs to go

Greg, apparently those on the right think Trump is stable and capable. He is neither, however, I do not believe that you conservatives would ever admit that he has done anything wrong.

Myles, Who knows how much he is worth? And as far as happily married, this is his third wife and as to how happy this marriage is is speculative.

Don Edwards commented on The right priority

Myles, another stupid answer.

Mr. Benoit, FDR was a great president, unlike what we have in the oval office now. You and your ilk will never believe anything bad about this shyster and con artist currently there.l

I am 84 years old and think you are full of baloney.

You are exactly correct Lex, however, you will not get the Keoghs and Benoits of the world to ever admit that this so-called president has done anything wrong. So sad.

Greg. You and Myles Keogh are getting old. You have some stupid remarks to anything a non-Trump supporter has to say. You two are pathetic.

Don Edwards commented on Trump supporters need to wise up

greg. The guy is an incompetent joke to be holding the top position in the civilized world.

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