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Gregg, You kids get off my lawn!!!

Greensboro 27410, what does his being Jewish or not being Jewish have to do with anything??

Tom, I never said it sucks, you and others on here said it sucked under Obama, I'm just pointing out how the economy under Trump has grown a little slower than under Obama, not opinions but based on facts,

I have always stated that the economy was good, not great under, the economy …

How the various indicators of the stock markets compare

I'm no dreaming of any of them, here Forbes, a conservative publication, looks at the leading economic indicators from Trump's first 3 years and Obama's last 3 years


Hmmm, excellent economy??? During the the election in 2016 when the economic numbers were better than they are now, you and others here posted on here how bad the economy has been under Obama, and how he was the first president to never exceed 3% GDP, now it's pretty certain Trump will be…

Carter has way morality when it come to abortion than Trump, check out this link, an interview with Trump, who clearly without any room for interpretation, is on record as supporting live partial birth abortions, and when asked again to clarify gave the same answer…

Bill [thumbup][thumbup]

Carol, while presenting this as a loaded question the answer isn't as clear you try and make it out to be

For one barring any miracles, Carter's economic numbers for 4 years will easily be better than Trump's, The legacy of Jimmy Carter will be his last year, where he chose to fall …

Wow Bill, you nailed it

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