Well, it's bound to be better than "Garfield."

Jennifer Love Hewitt has signed on to topline the Oxygen original movie "Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber," a drama set to premiere in March of 2005.The telefilm, which is based on a best-selling novel by Adele Lang, will co-star Joseph Lawrence and Colin Ferguson.

"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Oxygen - they gave us all the support we needed to make a smart, funny, sexy movie that shows Jennifer Love Hewitt in a whole new light," says Stanley M. Brooks, president of Once Upon a Time Films. "She seamlessly transforms herself into a character we know audiences will both love to hate and hate to love."

Hewitt plays wannabe social climber Katya Livingston, a 28-year-old advertising executive. When Katya isn't invited to the year's biggest party, she decides to use every trick at her disposal to make it to the top. Lawrence ("Blossom") plays Ferguson, Katya's gay partner-in-crime, while Ferguson ("Coupling") is Charles, an attorney who briefly captures Katya's heart.

Hewitt, best known for her tenure on Fox's "Party of Five" and the short-lived spin-off "Time of Your Life," will next star in a midseason comedy for ABC.

Five-time Emmy winner Candice Bergen is coming aboard ABC's freshman series "Boston Legal," her first regular series role since "Murphy Brown" left the air in 1998.

Bergen will join the cast in the show's 12th episode, likely to air in January. She'll play Shirley Schmidt, a founding partner in the law firm of Crane, Poole & Schmidt who's been away for some time. Other partners persuade her to come back in an attempt to bring some semblance of order to the office.

Her return doesn't sit well with another partner, Denny Crane (William Shatner), as the two have a spotty history. Bergen and Shatner also have a past, having worked together on the Sandra Bullock movie "Miss Congeniality."

Meanwhile, the Hollywood trade papers report Lake Bell will leave the series at midseason. Bell plays Sally Heep, an attorney at the firm who briefly dated Alan Shore (James Spader). Her role has decreased in recent weeks, however.

Bergen won five Emmy awards for playing the title role on "Murphy Brown," which aired on CBS from 1988 to 1998. She appeared on a handful of "Sex and the City" episodes and will have a recurring part as a judge in the upcoming "Law & Order" spinoff "Trial by Jury" on NBC.

Longtime "Law & Order" star Jerry Orbach, currently shooting the latest spinoff of the NBC franchise, is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

Orbach, 69, was diagnosed in the spring and has since been receiving treatment for the disease, the most common form of cancer among men in the United States. He hasn't had surgery, says his manager, Robert Malcolm.

"We expect he'll be fine," Malcolm tells New York's Daily News. "He's been playing golf, shooting his episodes and doing real well."

A Tony Award winner and three-time Emmy nominee, Orbach played Detective Lennie Briscoe on "Law & Order" for 12 seasons, the longest run of any actor on the series, now in its 15th year. He'll reprise the character, now an investigator for the Manhattan district attorney's office, when "Law & Order: Trial by Jury" debuts on NBC in the spring.

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