Samantha glanced back at the plant.

“Heck we should have checked what the seeds were,” said Jake.

The plants were big and had a weird structure growing in the middle.

Then Josh noticed something flying out of the middle in one of the plants.

“WHAT IS THAT!!!!” he screamed.

Samantha turned around and grabbed a shovel.

“WHERE?” she asked.

At first she could barely see anything.

But then they heard something.

The plants started to grumble and had millions of tiny creatures fly out of them.

They grabbed Josh and Alyssa … Suddenly everything came back clear, Samantha and Jake were stumped.

They heard an airy voice. “Don’t worry you made the right decision” the voice said.

“Who are you?!” they said in unison.

“I’m a fairy,” the airy voice answered.

“What do you need here?” asked Samantha.

“Well it depends,” the fairy answered.

“First of all let’s get to know each other,” said the fairy. “I’m Mavy.”

“And I’m Samantha.” “I’m Jake.” “I’m Alyssa.” “I’m Josh” they answered.

“Oh Alyssa you will need to come with me!” said Mavy.

“Why?” Alyssa asked.

“I came from a Fairy Tale world and I brought some shocking news for you!”

“They are exciting!” she added.

"Wha--- NO!!!!!” Samantha said, “Before we go any farther show us your face!”

“Ok” said Mavy. “Here I come.”

What they saw after that was almost impossible to describe.

“WOW,” they said in unison.

The woman they saw was incredibly pretty; she had long curly blond hair and angel wings.

“Hi,” she said smiling.

“H-h-hi,” squacked Samantha.

“Wow you are beautiful” said Jake.

“So would you let me take Alyssa?” Mavy asked.

“Well it depends on the reason that you want to take our daughter” said Jake.

“Your daughter has magic inside her she just needs practice to have it used in the right way!” Mavy glanced around and said.

“Oh-oh the portal that I came from is closing, so make your decision faster,” added the fairy.

“Ok it’s time to ask Alyssa” replied Samantha and Jake.

“Alyssa, do you want to practice magic in another world?” asked all of them.

“YES I DO!!!!” said Alyssa.

“Well then the decision is made. You may go in the Fairy Tale world but be careful” said Samantha.

“We’ll miss you, bye” said all of them.

“Bye I’ll miss you too” said Alyssa.

“She will come back sometime, don't worry,” said Mavy.

They said the last goodbyes.

And Alyssa came to the fairy, took her hand and the plants started to grumble again.

Then it came to a sudden stop Mavy and Alyssa disappeared.

The plants are taken good care in their backyard and Alyssa will visit them every week.

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