I’ll help make Black lives matter more

I enjoyed Bob Orr’s column regarding Black Lives Matter (June 28). I agree with his point that the Black Lives Matter movement does not mean that all lives do not matter.

It is a recognition that the value of black lives (particularly lives of black men) has been diminished by slavery, racism, poverty and other societal discrimination.

Certainly all lives matter, but those who question the Black Lives Matter movement ignore the fact that African Americans, while only 12% of the population, account for 25% of police killings and black men are 2½ times more likely to be killed by police than whites.

Its purpose is to focus attention on the value and potential of the lives of African Americans, and does not in any way diminish lives of anyone else.

Those who object to the term Black Lives Matter miss the point of the movement: Black lives are just as valuable and meaningful as others. Our Constitution guarantees it.

I admit that I supported a system of racism and discrimination for years because I did not raise my voice and say publicly that “this is wrong,” even though I knew in my heart that it was.

It is time for us to improve the justice system, remove the symbols of racism and pay attention to the real message: that people of color deserve to be treated with dignity and respect because they are Americans, just like me.

I, for one, will make every effort to do that.

H. Graham Dail


Is that all it would take for Trump to win?

There’s so much to abhor with Trump and his sycophants.

But I do want to comment on a remark made Sunday by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

He advised Trump that he will lose this November if he does not change his approach to the COVID-19 pandemic and the foundering American economy.

So, let me get this straight: Say the Trump and Pence administration starts talking as if they actually care about long-suffering middle-class Americans and say maybe they even take action: “Fine, wear the damn masks!”

Are we then supposed to forget what a tumor they have been on the soul of America for the past four years and say, “Awww! It looks like you’ve suddenly developed some common sense and integrity! It’s a miracle! Ya got my vote, Donnie boy!”

W. Scott Parker III


Local food pantry is stocked, ready to help

The Blessed Table Food Pantry has served the Greensboro hungry for 15 years. As there are many people who are unemployed and in need of food, the Blessed Table is no longer requiring a referral to obtain food. We are continuing to require a social security number and picture ID.

A miracle has happened: We have ample food and full shelves. We want to encourage people with food needs to come and get a generous supply.

Please visit us between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Tuesday through Friday at 3210 Summit Ave.

We would like to thank the churches, businesses and private citizens who have been so generous to the mission with food and money.

Ed Lemons


The writer is director of the Blessed Table Food Pantry.

When police are gone, whom will you call?

I really do not believe this letter will make it into print.

However, I must point out to all those police haters: You should think about what your plan of action is when you are in dire need of the police’s help.

Just stop and ask yourself if you are willing to take on the responsibility required for the job.

Police come in contact with people of all races.

Is it ever pointed out when whites and others who resist arrest are dealt with harshly?

In my opinion, police do not make an adequate salary for the job they are required to do daily.

There is absolutely no way I would consider being a cop.

America is at a crossroads. At this point we truly are headed in the wrong direction.

Jacqueline Stockard


Here’s what to do with all these monuments

Much as it might feel gratifying, there’s no need to pull down Confederate monuments.

Let us manufacture steel sculptures of Grant, Lincoln, Sherman, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr. and even Barack Obama and place them thwarting and dominating these champions of white supremacy.

That would be nonviolent and historically accurate.

Stephen Bolmer


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