Providence members used social distancing

On behalf of Providence Church, we would like to thank Khadejeh Nikouyeh for her lovely photos of our May 10 morning worship service (May 11).

Our one goal is the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ who gave himself for us, so we were glad for the News & Record to take unsolicited notice of our worship.

We were saddened to see several comments and letters printed that indicate a belief that we did not adequately social distance and that this may represent some recklessness or arrogance on our part.

Though the angles of the photos do not show it clearly, we kept everyone in immediate family groups six feet or more apart, practiced hand hygiene, and encouraged anyone with illness symptoms not to attend.

Providence Church desires to be a good witness of the life the Lord Jesus gives to those who trust him, and we wish to answer these concerns of our neighbors with humility.

We love our neighbors and are committed to doing our part to serve the well-being of our community.

Shane Anderson


The writer is clerk of session of Providence Church in Greensboro.

This check in the mail felt especially good

Last week the U.S. Postal Service (God bless and keep them!) delivered an envelope from the federal government. Inside I found a check made out to my wife and me. On the lower left side was a name which I thought appeared inappropriately.

So I took (appropriately) a Sharpie pen and blacked out the name.

Later that day, when my wife deposited the check at our financial institution’s drive-in window, the teller looked at the check, smiled, and said, “Thanks. You just made my day.”

Then we redistributed the funds, writing checks to organizations that do good, but don’t receive much money from the federal government — organizations that help refugees, immigrants and poor folks and organizations that speak truth and advocate for justice.

It’s been a long time since we have felt so good about federal spending!

Kim Carlyle


Whistles are blowing from both directions

OMG ... we have another whistleblower blowing his whistle because he feels ignored by the current administration in Washington regarding the reopening of the country amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

This time the whistleblower is a “certified” and “credentialed” whistleblower, which makes his whistle a whistle to be reckoned with ... even by tone-deaf skeptics of whistleblowers. In other words, he ain’t just whistling Dixie (which, of course, you’re not allowed to do anymore anyway).

But I have already seen whistleblowers on TV shows blowing the whistle on the whistleblower.

These whistleblowers are also “certified” and “credentialed” whistleblowers! So what are we to think ?

I am suggesting that our very own News & Record whistle up a committee of whistleblowing experts to vet aspiring whistleblowers.

This committee needs to be slick as a whistle to help us weed out the wicked whistleblowers from the righteous whistleblowers.

Or, even better, how about printing competing whistleblower articles in the paper at the same time, so we readers can decide which whistleblower is whistling in the dark and which one is not.

Thom Rock

Browns Summit

Hindsight is 20/20 on Trump and virus

Could you have done better?

I just wanted to remind all those people who are complaining that President Trump and others did not do enough when they first heard about the COVID-19 virus, that hindsight is 20/20.

Wonder how seriously they considered it when they first heard about it. Are they so sure they would have done any better?

Patricia Hurt


DeJoy’s record speaks to his qualifications

I continue to read editorials and columnists who criticize Louis DeJoy. I worked for him for a few years when his company was much smaller than it later became, and an ordinary guy like me could work directly for Louis.

I have a few stories showing how generous and thoughtful he is. As for qualifications, he built a large logistics company that does work very similar to, and even including, what the Postal Service does. And I never saw anyone work so hard.

Unless new evidence turns up, I believe the criticism arises solely because he supports the Republican Party and you in the public press hate it.

You seem never to criticize any Democrats.

Michael Woods


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