Republicans should defend Mitt Romney

A single Republican senator, Mitt Romney, had the decency and guts to do the right thing.

He also put into words his heartfelt reasons for his vote. Four other senators were present to hear him.

Trump cried foul that Romney invoked God in his speech, but I heard that speech and the connection is clear to me. Just as clear: Republicans need to honor, support and defend Sen. Romney if the Republican Party is to have a future.

In contrast, both senators from North Carolina took a pass on integrity in their votes.

Richard Burr, in particular, who is not even facing reelection, couldn’t summon up the courage to cross Trump.

As chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Burr knows full well the danger the current occupant of the White House poses to this country.

Tillis, who once vigorously defended the Mueller investigation, has chosen servitude to Trump.

The security of the electoral process in the U.S. remains in question due to interference of foreign powers. Partisan advantage can never justify the compromise of our elections. We must demand adequate election security.

We must demand that more be done to ensure the integrity of elections

Thomas Haifley

High Point

Trump is destroying this country’s values

Donald Trump again demonstrates his shallow pettiness of character and incompetence to the world.

His shameless thousands of lies have been documented as he cynically repeats them in the belief that he owes no honesty or consideration to the wishes of the American people.

He has eliminated people of conscience and competence from his administration, replacing them with toadies who carry out his destruction of American rights and values.

Admirable values cannot be instilled by drenching them in the odor of the sewer.

Trump uses the presidency to viciously degrade and threaten his critics through insulting language and bullying tactics that humiliate Americans before the world — and through fascist tactics of fear by a howling mob of followers to make Mitch McConnell and the Republican senators prostitute their oaths of office and turning the U.S. Senate, and perhaps an entire nation, into impotent, fearful lackeys.

Trump has no decent values and hypocritically enshrouds himself in empty moral comments.

He and his corrupt Cabinet have done so much to destroy American values that once were admired by the civilized world, that we may never recover from the harm he has done to the American dream.

Trump is America’s shameful legacy to the world.

Eugene Pfaff


Hypocrisy? There’s plenty to go around.

Leonard Pitts (column, “Graham gets morally aplopletic ... about halftime,” Feb. 7) rightly castigates the Rev. Franklin Graham and other evangelicals for overlooking Donald Trump’s immorality.

It is hypocritical to condemn some immorality and not all of it. Maybe we are all hypocrites!

Pitts himself and other liberals are hypocritical to criticize “ripping babies out of parents arms” but to approve ripping babies out of mothers’ wombs or to speak against Trump’s sexual exploits but not the NFL’s blatant exploitation of women.

Pitts is correct, however, that this nation has “no moral direction” or “idea what moral even looks like.”

We all are standing in need of prayer and repentance.

Harry Smith


Trump really said this at a prayer breakfast?

To all Trump supporters:

After your president used a prayer breakfast to spread his message of hate and vitriol, how proud are you of President Trump now?

If this is what you approve of, then God help us all.

Rita Wilson


Latham Park flooding needs to be addressed

The deluge of Feb. 6 has once again resulted in significant flooding, most notably — and chronically — in Latham Park.

Fear not, however; according to the Feb. 7 edition of the News & Record, the city has determined that the cause of such repeated events is “topography.”

In other words, the flooding is due to the inconvenient fact that water runs downhill. Hmmm ...

I have lived in Greensboro for more than five decades, and I have difficulty recalling a year when there wasn’t at least one instance of such flooding in Latham Park.

Why has the city not yet responded to this problem and corrected it? Are they hoping that it will “just go away”?

Until they do so, their shallow responses will continue to be inexplicable and unacceptable. The clock is ticking ...

W.H. Nash


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