Yes, voter ID affects minorities acutely

Sam Howe in a recent letter (“How can voter ID law be racially biased?” Dec. 31) opines that voter ID laws can’t be biased as it applies to all citizens.

Well, I must disabuse him of what he thinks is common sense.

The world looks flat and it isn’t. The sun doesn’t go around the Earth; quite the opposite.

The past supplies us with many examples of commonsense failures disproven by scientists.

So, cue the political scientists.

Several university political scientists published an article in the Washington Post (Feb. 15, 2017) with the headline, “Do voter identification laws suppress minority voting? Yes. We did the research.”

They compared voter turnout in states that have strict ID laws to ones that don’t. The concluded that for turnout, “Hispanics are affected the most.” “Strict ID laws mean lower African American, Asian American and multiracial American turnout as well. White turnout is largely unaffected.”

The suppression happens in both the general elections and in primaries, but more so in primaries. All of this, of course, has real political consequences. Because minority voters tend to be Democrats, strict voter ID laws tilt the electorate dramatically, and these strict ID laws are passed almost exclusively by Republican legislatures.

There you have it, Mr. Howe, the real reason.

Harvey Herman


This electric car owner got his money’s worth

A recent op-ed article noted that the benefits of electric cars is overstated (Charles Lane column, “Why electric cars still don’t live up to the hype,” Dec. 31).

I have an electric car. It has a range of almost 250 miles per full charge. This car functions largely as our vehicle for local travel. With safe and thoughtful driving, it recharges itself during breaking and when the foot is off the accelerator resulting in “free” miles.

While I admit that charging the car creates emissions from the power plant, there is an aggregate decrease of emissions during heavy traffic, stopping at lights, and when the car is “on” but not moving.

Long travel is still problematic, but we have a hybrid for those truly long trips. As supercharging stations become readily available, travel beyond 150 miles or so will become easier.

The comfort and performance of today’s electric cars is wonderful. I have no regrets and I would bet other owners agree.

Wayne Foster


There’s more success where this came from

Stock markets reaching new heights and bringing millions of 401(k) retirement plans along with them.

ISIS, the terrorist cell created by Barack Obama’s inaction, crippled to the point of near extinction.

NAFTA properly disposed of and replaced by the USMCA, a trade deal that protects Americans’ jobs instead of shipping them abroad.

The Paris “climate accord” placed on the back burner.

Energy independence achieved, making the U.S. no longer subject to the whims of OPEC and the tyrants who control the flow of Middle East oil.

Past corruption in our government slowly but surely being exposed to sanitizing sunlight which makes it near impossible for the compliant media to cover the tracks of the robber barons from the last administration.

Much more to come. Stay tuned.

John Parson


If you support Trump, then you own Trump

If you are against impeaching this president and removing him from office, you own Donald J. Trump from now on!

You own every lie, 14,000-plus so far, every white nationalist group, Tiki torches and all, every migrant child separated from his or her parent, and every criminal or mentally impaired person who acquires a semi-automatic weapon without a background investigation.

You are accountable for every “beautiful letter” he receives from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, a man who tortured and killed an American student and threatens our country with nuclear missiles.

You own this president’s support and decision to sell billions of dollars in planes and weapons to Saudi Arabia, a nation that supported Osama bin Laden and 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 terrorists.

You are responsible for this man’s many private conversations with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and Trump’s disgraceful denial of our American intelligence agencies’ conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election — instead believing Putin’s propaganda that it was really Ukraine!

What do you think Trump did with the translator’s notes that he pocketed after his first Putin meeting?

In November of this new year, you will have a choice; think before you vote!

Happy New Year!

Joan A. Sova


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