Ending glass recycling in city was right call

It was a long overdue, market-driven refinement to Greensboro’s recycling program when the city decided to eliminate glass. It was the right decision.

I have advocated the exclusion of glass from commingled, curbside recycling programs for many years, even when I was managing the Greensboro program in the 1990s. While this attitude may have earned me the title of heretic among a few of my more zealous recycling associates, I am unapologetic about being pragmatic in light of the facts.

Glass is an inert material made from sand and limestone, so it poses no toxicity dangers when disposed in landfills. Broken glass takes up very little room in landfills, so it doesn’t contribute significantly to the fill rate. Broken glass wears on recycling equipment, causing downtime and additional maintenance expense and it contaminates other recycling commodities making them less valuable. Consequently, processing glass is an expense, not a revenue, for most recycling programs.

The inclusion of glass, one of the heaviest parts of the recycling stream, provides a huge boost to weight-based recycling goals.

Maybe our goals and resources should be directed toward more environmentally problematic parts of the waste stream instead.

Wayne Turner


Fear is not the answer to the border problem

“Scare them away” is not a strategy. The administration adopted deterrence early on as their primary approach to managing immigration.

Family separation and poor conditions in detention centers were described by administration officials themselves as factors to deter more people from coming across the southern border. These situations were meant to strike fear in migrants who might be considering the journey.

We’ve learned recently more about inhumane conditions and treatment, especially of children, at holding facilities for migrants. My concern is that this is happening because the administration is taking their fear strategy to a new, more extreme level: child neglect.

The early deterrents had not proven successful, so what’s even more frightening that might deter migration? The answer is: inhumanity to children.

What’s more abhorrent than mistreatment of a child?

If our administration and Congress aren’t smart enough to design a humane immigration program that benefits all of us, then we need to vote in an administration and Congress that is.

Call your senators and representatives and let them know that’s exactly what we’ll do.

I hope that scares them away.

Kathy Wheeler


Conservatives do vote in their self-interest

Often folks on the left say conservatives are “voting against their self-interests.”

After all, the “free stuff” offered by Democratic presidential candidates sounds appealing at this stage in life.

Tuition-free college: We have one child going to college soon, but it is our responsibility to pay for it.

I wouldn’t demand my neighbors pay his tuition any more than my mortgage and car payment. Nothing is free.

Medicare for all: When Obamacare raised our monthly premium to almost $3,000, I found a far superior free-market alternative for $449/month for the family. Millions of retirees paid for Medicare for decades, and now it’s going to be “given” to everyone.

All current workers with satisfactory health insurance will have it stripped away and replaced by a one size fits all government plan.

Fifteen-dollar minimum wage: Another child has an entry-level job that isn’t worth $15/hour.

If this passes, she and many others will likely lose their jobs as employers cut costs.

The law of supply and demand should establish wages, not government fiat.

Tom Imbus

Browns Summit

Current occupant isn’t for the White House

To be president of a wonderful country called America should be an honor.

To live in the White House for four years, and, if you are re-elected, another four years, would be an honor. You have Secret Service personnel keeping you safe from harm.

You get to meet your allies from different countries, treated like royalty, talk about problems and try to solve them.

You have a helicopter and a plane to travel in, meet those who voted for you and shake their hands.

Sad to say, there is a person in the White House who is not fit to be there.

Donald Trump and company are doing harm to families, keeping them in cages and treating them like dangerous criminals. All they want is to have a chance to live the American dream.

Trump and company: The verdict is in: You are guilty on all charges.

James Fleming


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