Samantha looked at the plants again and said, “This one looks like a magic wand, and this one looks like a spell book, and these all look like ordinary apples!”

“Cool!” said Josh.

“It looks like some sort of magic set,” added Alyssa.

Josh pulled the wand off of the vine. He also pulled off the spell book and the apples too. Then he looked at the spell book and opened it. The first spell he found was “hoppes caminkas” which turned the apple into delicious looking cotton candy!!!

“We better go show dad!!!” said Alyssa.

“Wow! Amazing!!!” said dad. He looked through the spell book and said, “Since we can’t do a talent show we should send a video to a news show!!!!”

So the next day Alyssa and Josh put on their best outfits. Samantha got a camera ready so she could take a video. “Action!!” Samantha yelled.

“Hi! Today my sister and I will be showing you some magic!” exclaimed Josh.

“First, we'll turn this ordinary apple into some delicious cotton candy” said Alyssa. “HOPPES CAMINKAS” cried Alyssa. Then Josh picked up the cotton candy and took a bite.

“Mmmm ... sensational!!” said Josh.

“Our next and final magic trick is that we are going to turn this ordinary banana into a chocolate cake” said Alyssa.

“OPPESS HERENES,” cries Josh. Alyssa looked at the cake and took a bite.

“Yum!” she said.

“Well that will be it for our little magic show! Thank you and good bye,” said Josh.

“Wow!” screamed Alyssa. We may actually be on the news. After that, Samantha sent an email to a news show with their video. The next morning Alyssa turned on the news and saw their video playing! Josh walked down the steps, and saw their video playing too. Then they both started celebrating!

Then, Samantha came into the room and said, “Great job kids!!!”

The next day they were all over the internet and on John Krasinki’s Some Good News and they were almost famous!! But they never told anybody about how they did it!! The seeds were kept in a safe place where nobody else could find them!!

THE END!!!!!!!!

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