“It’s not a question of what are we going to do with them,” Jake answered. “I think the question is, how did this happen in a week?”

The four family members stood in silence as they looked over the garden graced with the beautiful and miraculous plant growth.

“These plants are known as succulents,” Samantha said as she scanned over the garden in amazement.

Look, mom,” Alyssa excitedly interrupted. “They are so cute! Every plant has a bottom that looks like an animal!”

“Look at that one,” Samantha pointed out, “the one in the adorable cat planter. I think it is called the Mother of Thousands. See all the tiny babies on its leaves? It makes me think of all the feral cats we need to help catch and release.”

“I want the panda one,” Josh said as he ran over to a plant with brown-spotted leaves with a bottom that resembled a panda bear.

“That’s a panda plant,” Samantha called out, shaking her head and smiling. “This is amazing, purely amazing, and unbelievable.”

“How do you know all of this, mom?” Alyssa asked, and she ran to join her brother.

Samantha looked at her husband with a big grin across her face. “I am a botanist.”

Alyssa and Josh both stopped and looked at their mother. “You’re what?” Josh asked.

“Your mother knows all about plants,” Jake quickly answered. “When I met your mother, she was a Master Gardener. She was good at it, too.”

“Why didn’t you ever talk about it, mom?” Josh asked. “No wonder you love your houseplants so much.”

“Oh, it takes a lot to do a garden right,” Samantha answered. “Life gets busy. For now, we have something very unusual happening here, and it is not just unusually fast-growing plants. Josh, where did you get those seeds?”

“Come on,” Josh said, and he took off running towards the shed.

When Alyssa, Samantha, and Jake reached the shed, Josh was holding something up for them to see.

“What is it?” Jake questioned his son.

“Dad, mom, I put the jar back where I found it once we planted all the seeds last week. It was just an old jar. You remember, don’t you, Alyssa?” Josh asked with a baffled look on his face.

“Yeah, it was just an old and dirty jar,” Alyssa replied.

“Look at it now!” Josh excitedly said as he handed it over to his parents.

Samantha took the shiny, new-looking jar from her son. “Jake, look at this jar. It’s sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow.”

Samantha stared quietly at the once dirty-looking jar. “All I can think of right now is that there is something wonderful happening here. When you look at such a magical ecosystem of succulent plants and the jar that now shines with a rainbow, it’s a promise that better days are coming.”

“Uh, mom,” Alyssa began, “what are we going to do with the plants?”

Samantha looked at her family, and she motioned them to follow her. Once outside, they all gazed across the mystery garden. “We’re going to share them with all of our neighbors. We’re going to spread the miracle of these plants to share the hope we see in every rainbow.”

“What are we going to tell them about the animal-looking bottoms?” Josh asked.

“Nothing,” Jake answered. “Let’s allow the miracle to work its way into everyone’s heart and home.

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