What are your reactions to the outcome of the Helms-Gantt election race?

'It was tough deciding between the lesser of two evils, but I'm glad Helms won because of his experience.' - Randy Henning, 16, junior

'I thought Gantt was going to win. I don't think Helms knows what he's doing because he votes against education.' - Andy McIntire, 14, freshman

'I was really surprised about Helms winning because he's been in the Senate for a long time. I was surprised by the margin that Gantt lost. I thought it would be closer.' - Nina Ngo, 17, junior

'During the last five days, the momentum started to shift to Helms. I kind of expected Helms to win. It's easier to re-elect a Senator than to put someone new in office because you don't know what to expect.' - Aliyah Hardy, 15, sophomore

'I was disappointed. I think Helms won because of his smear campaign on Gantt. They didn't address the real issues.' - Jennifer Martin, 17, senior

'I thought Helms spent too much time smearing Gantt instead of addressing the real issues.' - Chris Mayo, 16, senior

'I was really disappointed because I believe Jesse Helms ran an unfair campaign against Harvey Gantt.' - Jermaine Ratliff, 15, freshman

'I thought Jesse Helms would win, but I thought the race would be a lot closer.' - Natalie Martin, 14, freshman

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