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Chuck Crotts cooks chicken wings for his friends at a N.C. State-themed tailgate in the Greensboro Coliseum parking lot before today's quarterfinal games were canceled. The group of about 10 Wolfpack fans was proud of the team's undefeated record in the tournament and confident that their team would have beaten Duke.

Basketball fans began leaving Greensboro this morning, departing from the hotels and Greensboro Coliseum parking lots after news that spectators wouldn't be allowed to watch the ACC Tournament and then the event was ultimately canceled. Here's what was on their minds.

“It depends on how broad this pandemic becomes. Hopefully it’s a short-lived process, but if it continues and grows and gets more widespread, there are going to be a lot of potential things going on for all our universities and the whole country. You’ve got to protect your student body and your student-athletes and all the people involved and all the people that come to the games. You get one person that comes to this game with coronavirus and you know, there’s a potential disaster right there among the people that are in the building.”

Bobby Purcell, executive director of N.C. State's Wolfpack Club

“You go to the restaurant, there’s nobody there. You go to the club, there’s nobody there hardly. You go on the street, and traffic is not there. So somebody’s staying home, somebody’s listening.”

Ron Tydings, a Virginia fan, on the coronavirus effect

“We don’t come to the tournaments that often. The last one we went to was 2012, and we won in Atlanta. So we were going to be the good-luck charm this time. It’s pretty deflating. We wanted to come to Greensboro one time, and next year, it’s not here.”

Bill Ferguson, Florida State fan

“We had tickets for the entire thing. We are die-hard basketball fans. We come on Tuesday even though Virginia wasn’t supposed to play until today. So we’ve been here for two days . . . We told everybody back home because we have somebody housesitting and dogsitting and all of that, that we didn’t know when we’d be back. We’d be here till Virginia lost, so we were hoping to be on our way Sunday instead of earlier."

Stan Gilbert, Virginia fan

“The hotels have been really cooperative. We have two main hotels for the Wolfpack Club, the Grandover and the Sheraton, and they’ve both been very cooperative with our fans and trying to work through people leaving early and not being responsible for their remaining days. Everybody understands it’s a tough situation.”


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