Dr. Gordon Blackwell - Chancellor of Woman's College, 1960

W.H. Gamble - A&T's Dean of Men, 1960

Roy Graham - A&T student involved in protest, 1960

Bennett College students who participated

  • Hermine Bacote Albea
  • Mary Ellen Bender: White student at Bennett; participated in sit-ins
  • Janice Robinson Bragg
  • Shirley Bruton Callis
  • Robbie Hamlett Dancy
  • Sarah Frances Davis
  • Carolyn Cotten Gaither
  • Sandra Downing Hamilton
  • Margaret Jean Neff: White student at Bennett; participated in sit-ins
  • Willie Mae Johnson-Jones
  • Mattilyn Talford Rochester
  • Catherine Rink Williams
  • loria Eugenia Brown Wise: First woman to participate in the Woolworth sit-ins. After graduation from Bennett, Wise earned a master's degree in social work from Columbia and is now (1980) the assistant to the director of the Spofford Juvenile Center in New York. Lives in Bronx, N.Y.
  • JoAnn Zivad

Woman's College students who joined for a day

  • Ann Dearsley: senior from Raleigh
  • Marilyn Lott: junior from Falls Church, Va.
  • Genie Seaman: sophomore from Altamonte Spring, Fla.
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