To the editor:

Just a warning to others who decide to have their septic systems repaired by the county. The county takes bids for this work of course. Low bid gets the job. The contractor began work on a completely new system late in July by bringing in suitable soil to mix with existing soil.As of Nov. 2, I still do not have a working system, numerous calls to the health department seem to do no good. I have asked to whom the contractor is accountable concerning the landscaping. No one can tell me. There are sink holes and sunken areas where pipe was placed. Also the system smells worse than the malfunctioning system I previously had.

The job up to this point has been handled very unprofessionally in my opinion.

Had I hired the contractor I would have had a ``contract' as to when the job was to be completed and what was to be expected concerning landscaping also, what guarantee is there that the system will work?

I was also told that there will be a $95 operational fee to be paid to the county annually for this system inspection.

Had I known in February when I signed the county's contract what I now know, I would have never mentioned my system was malfunctioning and waited it out until the sewer system was available. Jerry D. Smith Pleasant Garden

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