It’s almost a broken-record cliché when it comes to weather at this point, but it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature when it comes to high school football.

The end of summer, and early fall weather in particular, is always a mixed bag for players, coaches and fans alike, and area athletic directors will tell you, across the board, this time of year, you have to be able to stick and move.

Such was the case Aug. 23.

What was supposed to be the much-anticipated season opener across the state for the 2019 North Carolina High School Athletic Association football season, turned out to be a real headache for some, and a marathon for others here in Rockingham County.

The frustrating factor for high school officials when it comes to decision time of whether or not to postpone a game to different day, or try to ride out the storm, it is always a guessing game.

These days, meteorologists give accurate, up-to-the-minute predictions on what people can expect when it comes to the weather. But it is an imperfect science due to constantly clashing factors.

Due to the threat of evening thunder storms on Friday, the Reidsville football team’s season opener at High Point Central was moved to Monday and many other programs across the Triad followed the Rams lead as well.

The other side of that coin is now those teams will have to play two games in a week, which is no picnic.

Both Rockingham County and Morehead elected to play on Friday and they were able to get them in, but they paid a price. Because of multiple delays due to lightning, it was a long night for both with each game not getting done until near midnight.

Waiting on weather delays is frustrating for players, coaches and fans, but unfortunately – it’s part of the game.

All you can do is accept it because it’s always a good bet that we might also have to try to dodge a few hurricanes in the next couple of months as well. That just goes with the territory in the state of North Carolina.

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