MAYODAN – A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to spruce up a place, and in essence, that’s what McMichael High School got over the course of the summer. McMichael, which first opened its doors in 1991, is the youngest of the public county high schools. The Phoenix have always had some of the best facilities in the county, but the recent upgrade in the lobby of the institution boosts its image even more.

The support poles in the lobby which extends to the cafeteria were wrapped in royal blue and gold and inscribed with some of the tenants that administrators hopes to impart to their student body. Words and phrases such as — Rising Higher, Respect, Integrity, Self Control and Excellence will now greet students when they come to school each day.

Phoenix Athletic Director Thomas Horton said he and the administration want their students to take pride in their school and that is part of what the makeover is all about.

“That is what we are trying to create. We are trying to create pride in the school. If you take pride in your school, you are going to work harder and become a better person in my opinion. When your school looks dirty and run down, then kids are going to see that. We are trying to instill that in our kids, in our school and working to instill pride and tradition here,” Horton said.

In addition, photos of various athletic teams were recently placed on the wall under a Phoenix sign and logo just outside of McMichael High Schools administration offices in the lobby.

But perhaps the standout upgrade in the makeover project is to the entrance of the gymnasium. A wrap was applied to the gymnasium doors with both the new and the old logos in the schools colors.

Horton said McMichael Principal Jon Williams negotiated a contract with School Pictures Incorporated to do the job. That company does all the schools pictures and also does wraps.

Horton said he is in the process of making some improvements to the football field house as well including doing a similar door wrap that is outside of the gymnasium.

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