These days it’s not necessarily uncommon for folks to take a little off road adventure every now and again, but for husband and wife couple Darron and Rebecca Schnell, they take it to the extreme.

They serve as driver and crew of the Bigfoot and Hot Wheels Racing No. 1 team and travel all over North America. They are planning a European tour as well.

Darron has been the driver of a Bigfoot truck for the last decade, and up until this past year, his wife has been a member of his crew while practicing to make her debut in January 2020.

Rebecca, a 2009 graduate of McMichael High School never dreamed she’s be the driver of such a powerful machine, but when she met Darron by chance at a promotional event many years ago, she not only met the man of her dreams, but was introduced to a whole new way of life in the world of monster trucks.

The couple whose main place of residency is in St. Louis said the road is starting to feel like home since they are on it most of the year.

They generally compete in as many as four shows a weekend for the first quarter of any given tour. Rebecca will start the new year as a pro debuting on the HotWheels Monster trucks Live International Tour 2020 as the driver of the Hotwheels Racing Number 1 team.

There are six trucks total competing for the Titan Cup. Each driver competes in contest for points including wheelies, long jump, donut, side-by-side racing and freestyle. The driver at the end of the event with the most points, wins the trophy.

Rebecca said being in the cab of a monster truck is quite a thrill to say the least.

“I can tell you from my practice session that my heart rate detection on my fitness watch captured heart rates in the 200’s . . . imagine what that feels like all while having the biggest smile on your face,” she said.

For more information on upcoming events you can follow them on Facebook at The Schnells- Monster trucks page or on Instagram at Rebecca.schnell_mtdriver.

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