Property transfers


D.R. Horton Inc. of Delaware to Kevin Michael Morris and Jessica B. Morris, lot Collybrooke subdivision, phase I, $284,500

D.R. Horton Inc. of Delaware to Ian William Ladd and Lara Michelle Ladd, lot Collybrooke subdivision, phase 2, Windrush Court Property of Collybrooke, LLC, $283,500


Thomas Shane Woodall and Janet Blackburn Woodall to Raymond Carl Thomas II, lot North Fieldcrest Road, $17,000

Kenny Dale Mounce and Jennifer Sutliff Mounce, plus Ms. Kay Mounce Duncan to Richard Lee Mounce, lot Price Road, $5,500

James Price Garrett Jr., by and through his attorney-in-fact, Mary Beth Garrett-Irving, to Michael Villarose and Lesley Villarose, 10.771 acres +/- “Exempt Subdivision for H. Michael Villarose,” $16,500

MLCH, LLC, to TJ Rentals, LLC, lot Ridge Avenue, $7,500


George T. Fulp to 138 Murphy, LLC, two tracts Murphy Street, $40,000

Richard Bennett Smith and Deborah C. Smith to The Investment Network Inc., property of Washington Mills Co. or Fourth Avenue at Rand Street, $20,000


Edmundo (NMV) Pinzon and Miranda Hernandez Pinzon to Nikkolas A. Hernandez, lot Landfall Trace, $65,000

Robert C. Teeters Jr. and Teresa Lea Teeters to Robert Nicholas Carter and Kristi Sparrow Carter, 2.523 acres Ravenwood II, $170,000

David E. Yoder and Cheryl S. Yoder to Jennie L. Elliott and Nancy J. Elliott, joint tenants with rights of survivorship, 1.025 acres Snead Road, $119,500

Ashleylayne H. Bell and Adam Bell to Brian E. Harbour, lot Deep Springs Country Club Inc., section N, $20,000


Carolyn M. Payne to Christopher Donald Matthews and Peter Scott McKinnon, lot Pennrose Drive, $200,000

Alex R. Stanley to John A. Lunderman II and Vicky Lunderman, 7.527 acres Tate Road, $147,500

Jose Miranda Diego and Eva Gisela Miranda-Garibay to Celestino Saul Reyes and Ma De Lourdes Flores Lucio, lots Hill Street, $9,500

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee, to Salvador Garcia, lot Northwest Market Street, $6,000

Percy L. Bass Jr. and Karren D. Pass to Daniel L. Buchanan and Laura C. Buchanan, lot Grooms Road, $188,500


Eddy A. Irving and Jennifer W. Irving to Arnold Lee Berry, lots Deodara Lane, $149,000

Virginia H. Smith to Georg Josef Schneider and Jessica Grant Schneider, lot NC-700, $83,000

Cody Lee Thompson to Byron D. Crawford and Robin F. Crawford, property NC-700, $86,000


Stephanie B. McDowell to Jayson McDowell, 2.066 acres Chickasaw Drive, $83,000

Divorces filed

Divorces filed in District Court

Stacey Lynn Graves Willis vs. John Raymond Willis II

Jennifer Anne Blalock Robinson vs. John Howard Robinson

Meagan Renee Kerbs vs. Andrew Wayne Kerbs

Divorces granted

Divorces granted in District Court

Tina Lynn Collins Cardona from Arnaldo Cardona

Richard George Vreeland from Leslie Feliciano-Vreeland

Jessica Elizabeth Thompson from Christopher David Hunt Thompson

Nancy Arthurs Caudle from Luther Garmon Caudle Jr.

Stacy W. Baughn from Anthony Lee Baughn

Sandy C. Moody from Richard A. Moody

Jennifer L. Dishmon from Brandon L. Dishmon

Charlie Anthony Hall from Amber Shelton Hall

Emily R. Hayduk from Matthew J. Hayduk

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