Dear Editor,

In response to Ralph Duke's “Duke is not a Villain” (letter, Aug. 22):

Duke in their marketing spins that they are green, but that is simply not the case;

  1. Their commitment to the ACP and fracked gas presents an environmental threat that is equal if not greater than coal because of unresolved methane gas leakage.
  2. Part of the reason that they support the ACP and new gas plants is they get a 10 percent profit on new infrastructure, even if they are eventually abandoned as fracked gas disappears.
  3. Duke has done a lot to hold back solar (lobbying against the 2015 Energy Freedom Act, failing to support extension of the state’s solar tax credit, preventing NC WARN in a test case from selling solar power to Faith Community Church, arguing for caps on the solar programs set up under HB589 last year).
  4. Duke refuses to offer on bill energy efficiency upgrades, a program that is a proven success elsewhere.
  5. The coal ash mess still lingers and ratepayers should not be expected to foot the bill for their mistakes.

It is important to look at the facts on the table and put aside the utility’s marketing effort. It would be wonderful if Duke fully embraced the concept of solar on rate payer’s homes and commercial businesses and an effort to increase the number of people net metering. Hopefully they will change their direction.

William Delamar


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