Fear is not the answer to the border problem

“Scare them away” is not a strategy. The administration adopted deterrence early on as their primary approach to managing immigration.

Family separation and poor conditions in detention centers were described by administration officials themselves as factors to deter more people from coming across the southern border. These situations were meant to strike fear in migrants who might be considering the journey.

We’ve learned recently more about inhumane conditions and treatment, especially of children, at holding facilities for migrants. My concern is that this is happening because the administration is taking their fear strategy to a new, more extreme level: child neglect.

The early deterrents had not proven successful, so what’s even more frightening that might deter migration? The answer is: inhumanity to children.

What’s more abhorrent than mistreatment of a child?

If our administration and Congress aren’t smart enough to design a humane immigration program that benefits all of us, then we need to vote in an administration and Congress that is.

Call your senators and representatives and let them know that’s exactly what we’ll do.

I hope that scares them away.

Kathy Wheeler


Conservatives do vote in their self-interest

Often folks on the left say conservatives are “voting against their self-interests.”

After all, the “free stuff” offered by Democratic presidential candidates sounds appealing at this stage in life.

Tuition-free college: We have one child going to college soon, but it is our responsibility to pay for it.

I wouldn’t demand my neighbors pay his tuition any more than my mortgage and car payment. Nothing is free.

Medicare for all: When Obamacare raised our monthly premium to almost $3,000, I found a far superior free-market alternative for $449/month for the family. Millions of retirees paid for Medicare for decades, and now it’s going to be “given” to everyone.

All current workers with satisfactory health insurance will have it stripped away and replaced by a one size fits all government plan.

Fifteen-dollar minimum wage: Another child has an entry-level job that isn’t worth $15/hour.

If this passes, she and many others will likely lose their jobs as employers cut costs.

The law of supply and demand should establish wages, not government fiat.

Tom Imbus

Browns Summit

Court’s census ruling a travesty for citizens

The census is used to allot congressional seats to represent legal voters — citizens.

Regardless of left-wing voter fraud and underhanded plans to grant illegal immigrants the right to vote, it is currently illegal. Granting congressional seats based on numbers that are significantly inflated by millions of undocumented immigrants and other non-citizens dilutes the power of citizens to have their best interests represented.

It is not in their best interests to be burdened with the costs of supporting processing and incarcerating thousands who cross the border illegally. Forcing citizens to be flooded with immigrants with an average sixth-grade education and Third World diseases is not what they choose. Listening to these fantasy-land Democratic candidates scurry to address questions in Spanish is an insult.

The voices of citizens, sound reason and constitutional intent are all being ignored by Congress, the Supreme Court and activists representing all groups but traditional Americans who favor national sovereignty, rule of law, legal immigration, lower taxes and no national debt.

If citizens stand by as these revolutionaries destroy all that is good and functional in America, “we the people” will have no voice in our government. We must re-elect Trump!

Janice Wangard


No, cellphones will not give you ‘horns’

The Washington Post article in the N&R (June 24) alleges that “research” has found that smartphone use is a likely cause of growths on young people skulls as a result of constant head tilting. It provides an interesting theory about the hazards of young people too much involved with mobile devices but truly lacks credence or scientific proof.

There is no accepted body of scientific evidence nor any convincing forensic nor archeological evidence for such common bony growths on the skull (exostoses) likely due to teen’s excessive prolonged head tilting. It would appear that this article fits under the category of “fake news.” There’s a more accurate analysis for your readers’ edification from an article in Forbes (https://tinyurl.com/y633kxdc).

Ray Sullivan, M.D.


Susie C. Spear is a staff writer for RockinghamNow. She can be reached at 743-333-4101 and on Twitter @SusieSpear_RCN.​

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