Trump has admitted to his wrongdoing

Did Adam Schiff lie about talking to the whistleblower before the whistleblower submitted the complaint?

Did Joe Biden withhold aid to Ukraine to have the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden fired?

Did Hunter Biden make money in Ukraine due to corrupt business practices?

Did Democrats plan to impeach Trump from day one, as Tucker Carlson says?

Let’s assume the answer to all these questions and any others you or anyone else can think of is a resounding YES! It is all completely irrelevant.

If the president of the United States asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, and, according to the material released by the Trump White House, he absolutely did, that is enough for impeachment. End of story.

If he did or did not withhold Ukraine funding approved by a partisan Congress to force Ukraine to help him try to discredit Joe Biden? That is also a crime and is grounds for impeachment — but, again, yes or no does not matter.

He already has admitted to grounds for impeachment.

Steve Gilley


Stop all the whining and win an election

Our government is broken all because a man won an election that he was not supposed to win.

Democrats and Republicans are mad. The people writing these letters to the editor are cutting each other’s throats.

And in the meantime nothing is being done to address the problems of the American people.

Both parties call each other names to gain power — not to help the American people.

No matter what is done, Donald Trump is our president, and if you do not like Trump, find someone to run against him in 2020.

Do that and stop all the whining and investigating. Sad. Very sad.

J.P. Lester


Being Trump means never being wrong

Our president’s admirers decry “political correctness” when convenient but complain when his politically incorrect lies and vulgarity are exposed.

Lately he’s favored us with lies involving maps, gasoline, environmental and pollution regulations; gun background checks; what members of Congress have said and done; military appropriations; our allies; and unilateral trade agreements that were no better than previously established multilateral agreements while lacking cooperation to oppose China’s aggrandizing ventures into the South China Sea. And then come light bulb lies and Ukraine whoppers.

He’s raged at honorable Americans standing for law and truth and shamed himself by mendaciously mocking a young Swedish lady who understands climate change better than he and voices her message clearly and coherently, in better English than his unscripted muddle and inchoate ramblings.

Rather than defining a “stable genius,” his vulgarities and lies mark his egomaniacally impaired judgment and tragic ignorance.

Most Republicans support his contention that two wrongs make a right, that he’s above the law, and that morals and loyalty are matters of convenience, no longer requiring effort or commitment.

His base’s acceptance of his misstatements and deeds is indeed base, and his opponents need not apologize for calling him or them to account for this baseness.

Christopher C. Tew


Budd, Walker should address climate issue

According to the United Nations Climate Report released in October 2018, the year 2020 is critical to controlling climate change. Little or no response to climate change by that year will ensure that future generations will experience many more weather disasters, increased flooding, more fires, more water-borne diseases, destruction of coastal cities, food shortages, mass climate migration and much more.

Many people of all ages and political persuasions are now concerned about their families and their futures. This crosses party lines. Frank Luntz, Republican pollster, has found that by a margin of more than 8-1 that American voters are more worried about climate change than they were just one year ago. Luntz also found that carbon dividends plans have majority support across party lines with 75% support from Republicans under the age of 40.

What can you do to address this very urgent threat? Contact your representatives in Congress, Mark Walker and Ted Budd. Ask them how they are going to legislate our climate futures.

Support a carbon reduction bill, such as HR 763, which calls for 40% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050 by exacting fees from carbon emitters, which are then reimbursed to every American citizen. Act now!

Marcia Horowitz

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