Property transfers


CMH Homes Inc. to Michael W. Carlton, Free Trader, 1.116 acres Haw Road, $150,000


Kenneth L. Webb and Beth M. Webb to Bernard J. Michalski, lot Southern Woods, $310,000


Faye Doe Alexander to Harold Lee Hoskins Jr., lot South Avenue, $10,000

Sylvia D. Wilson to Mary Lou Stevens, tracts NC-87, $25,000

Nationstar REO Sub 1B, LLC, to Miguel Magellanes Ibarra and Madel Carmen Rubio Rubio, lot Lake Street, $15,500

Grave Avery to Jennifer Robertson, lot Stadium Drive, $126,000


Paul A. Lineberry and Gerri R. Lineberry to Greg Knoss, lot Larkspur Lane, $274,000

Margaret Alice W. Hopper to CMC Farms, LLC, 1.265 acres US-220, $70,000

Jerry E. Johnson and Brenda T. Johnson to William F. Flanigan III and Connie D. Rogers, lots Mountain Valley Development, $91,000


Craven D. Kinlaw to Reginald L. Allred and Tracy D. Allred, lot Sunny Ridge, phase II, $74,000

Brason Properties, LLC, to James C. Miller III and Kimberly S. Smith, as joint tenants with rights of survivorshop, tracts Charissa Drive, $104,500

Tulio Rosales Rubio and Guadalupe Rosa De Rosales to Joshua V. Draper and Danielle M. Draper, 1.930 acres Watkins and Stone Mountain Road, $15,000


D. Stone Builders Inc. of NC to Collybrooke, LLC, of NC, lot Collybrooke subdivision, phase I, $40,000

James I. Chadwick Sr. and Shirley Chadwick to Zachary Lee Melton, lot Old Mill Estates, $88,000


Donna W. Pryor to Jerry Jerome Roth, lot Sherwood Forrest, $133,500

Norman Michael Hill and Kathy T. Hill, along with Keith Klenner Hill and Wanda P. Hill to William Gregory Knowles and Teresa Knowles, lot NC-87, $95,000

James Michael Hall and Susan Alderman Hall to Delia Deanis Balderas Rubio, lots Holderby Street and Moore Street, $38,000

Kathi P. Rabun to 5 Star Investment Properties, LLC, lot Courtland Place subdivision, $21,000

Donna Smith and Mary Hunter to Kathleen Susette Dowling and Dennis Michael Dowling, lot Ashley Loop, $95,000


Zachary Wayne Jefferson Edwards and Anna Stennett Edwards to Shannon C. Durham, lot NC-700, $36,000


Steven Todd Bondurant and Melony Bartlett Bondurant to Melony Bartlett, 1.148 acres US Hwy. 158, $6,000


Ms. Barbara Burton to Robert Anthony Burch, tract Eagles Falls subdivision, $90,000

Building permits

Terry Charles III, 11740 US-158, residential accessory building with rollup door, $8,100

Timothy K. Blaney, 130 Newnam Road, addition to front of business, $72,852

Kuston Kutz, 105 E. Main St., residential deck addition, $2,000

Jimmy Martindale, 2090 NC-770 residential personal garage, $11,594

Divorces filed

Divorces filed in District Court

William Jeffrey Gainey Jr. vs. Ashleigh Elaine Gainey

Brandy Nicole Gainey vs. Michael Wayne Gainey

Gregory Lee Roach vs. Sabrina Fisher Roach

Alex Sam Jones vs. Janet Phelps Jones

Kimberly G. Perdue vs. Jeffrey M. Perdue

Divorces granted

Divorces granted in District Court

Kaseem Chaplin from Sasha Lynet Burgess

Marian A. Sanchez from Benito Sanchez Ocampo

Deborah Sharpe Wade from Robert Edward Wade Jr.

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