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Officials in Reidsville and Eden have secured contracts with Foothill Waste Solutions to potentially re-establish voluntary curbside recycling service for residents within city limits.

The service, contingent on whether or not both cities can independently garner the interest of a minimum of 400 interested citizens, comes several months after Waste Management surprised officials in both municipalities by dumping curbside recycling pickup assistance for the individuals and businesses contracted directly with the company.

Foothill’s curbside offering, which does not include glass pickup, will cost individual households $9.50 per month, in quarterly billing cycles.

Waste Management’s decision to drop recycling pickup in the county’s two biggest cities came earlier this year, following a contract renewal with county officials to cover trash and recycling services for 16,000 county residents.

Prior to the renewal, Eden and Reidsville residents were offered voluntary curbside service through the county’s contract with Waste Management, for under $12.00 per quarter.

In March, Waste Management officials offered continued service, if at least 525 of the then 618 homes using their services would remain on board at a new cost of $11.05 per month — a more than $7 increase from the original $3.85 per month charged at the beginning of the contract in October of 2016.

Two months later, Waste Management rescinded the offer.

In Reidsville, part of their three-year agreement, which only goes into effect with the 400-customer total, includes the re-usage of the 600 recycling bins owned by the county.

Details about Eden’s agreement were not available prior to press time.

Like the Rockingham County government, other municipalities are utilizing services that automatically charge for garbage and recycling pickup.

Wentworth, Madison and Stoneville are also utilizing trash and recycling pickup from Waste Management.

Recycling and garbage services in Mayodan are provided by Foothill, who entered a contract with the town in August of 2015.

That initial contract has since been renewed.

Mayodan Town Manager Lessa Hopper said the town has been happy with Foothill’s services and that a good portion of the town uses Foothill’s recycling options.

Eden and Reidsville are presented with different scenarios though, as both cities provide garbage service on behalf of their residents.

Reidsville Public Works Director Chuck Smith told RockinghamNow that Foothill, whose offer comes in at a much lower price than Waste Management’s rescinded deal, was the only company interested in providing a curbside recycling subscription for residents.

He added that the downturn in the commodity market for recyclable material made it very difficult to find service providers.

Other companies did show interest in providing a material drop-off bin for specific materials such as cardboard and hard plastics, while others offered bulk service pick-up options.

Smith told council members earlier this year that even if the city could establish drop-off centers, a major problem is finding a facility willing or able to collected material.

Only a few facilities in the region exist, one of which is Waste Management’s facilities, which has now been pulled from the realm of possibility.

As for glass pickup, zero offers were made by companies willing to provide services to Reidsville residents.

Currently, glass recycling options for local residents in both cities are non-existent.

“Unfortunately, the word we are getting from Foothill and the other companies, they look to see if anyone is interested in receiving that product and unfortunately at this time, they view the glass as a negative value,” Smith said. “In other words, it costs money for them to process it. Or if they do process it, they don’t have a receiver on the back end to receive the product and recycle it in whatever means that they see fit. So as of right now, glass is not going to be collected until the market for it rebounds.”

Despite the glass issue, Smith said less than a week into making the announcement that well over 100 residents were interested in Foothill’s offerings.

Reidsville city officials stated during a council meeting earlier this month that they are hopeful to approach the 617 customer accounts Waste Management held prior to rescinding service.

Residents in Eden and Reidsville that are interested in subscribing to Foothill Waste Solution’s curbside service are asked to call 336-871-4055.

Subscribers will be prompted to leave a message with contact details.

Foothill will not be returning messages regarding subscriptions, until they meet interest quotas.

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Joe Dexter is a staff writer for RockinghamNow. He can be reached at 336-349-4331 ext. 6139 or @JoeDexter_RCN on Twitter.

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