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Early voting is open and an election will be held on Nov. 5 for Mayodan's mayor and three Mayodan City Council seats three seats. To better inform the public, RockinghamNow invited candidates to fill out a questionnaire detailing their backgrounds, eligibility for public office and goals.

Of the six candidates for city council registered with the Rockingham County Board of Elections, four responded. Candidates Charles Menard Jr., and Brandon M. Griffin did not submit responses. Both mayoral candidates submitted responses. 

James “Bud” Cardwell


Age: 81

Address: 304 N. 2nd Ave.

Occupation: Retired

Highest educational degree earned: High School.

Leadership experience: Past-president, N.C. State Florist Association

Civic involvement: Mayodan Preservation League

Home Phone: 336-427-0626


What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

Served as former Mayodan Mayor.

Served eight years on Mayodan Town Council.

Former owner/manager of a retail florist for 33 years.

Why are you seeking this office, and why should voters elect you?

To continue giving back to the town that has been so good to me. Mayodan is the best.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community? And how do you propose to address them?

Offer incentives to create jobs and attract local hotels.

Improve cleanliness around homes and businesses.

How do you propose to continue the revitalization of downtown? Any incentives?

Recruit new businesses.

Promote more events: car shows, music, festivals.

Create more interest and involvement by citizens.

Offer grants for business facades.

Dwight Lake


Age: 66

Address: 203. N. Eighth Ave.

Occupation: Retired Purchasing Manager at Volvo Trucks

Highest educational degree earned: B.S. in Business Administration from UNC- Chapel Hill

Leadership experience: 

Mayodan Planning and Zoning Commission 1997-1999

Mayodan Town Council 1999-2007

Mayor of Mayodan 2007-2011

Board of Directors – North Carolina League of Municipalities

Board of Directors- Piedmont Triad Council of Governments

Civic involvement: Past President of the Madison-Mayodan Jaycees

                              Past District Director of the North Carolina Jaycees

Home Phone: 336-427-4432


What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

Obviously, the best experience I have was the 8 years I spent on the Town Council and the two terms as Mayor of Mayodan.  Additionally, the activities I participated in with the League of Municipalities and the PTCOG gave me insight and contacts with other municipalities that can benefit us in Mayodan.  For example, I learned of Satellite Annexation from another mayor in the Triad.  We used this method to bring the Walmart Shopping Center, Lowes Home Center and Northpointe into our town limits and also into our tax base.  I also worked closely and developed a strong relationship with the Economic Development staff for our county.

Why are you seeking this office, and why should voters elect you?

With the decision by Mayor Bullins to not seek re-election I wanted to offer my time and experience in service to the citizens of Mayodan.  Having retired in 2016, I have significantly more time to put into serving as mayor.  I hope the voters will see me as the candidate that will aggressively pursue change and development that is beneficial to Mayodan and its citizens. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help to create jobs and maintain our low tax rate.   My efforts will be to ensure that Mayodan is prepared when opportunities present themselves.  We need a town government that is not only responsive to its citizens, but removes barriers to business development.  As an example, with both the Walmart and Lowes Home Improvement projects a state agency put up huge and totally unreasonable obstacles which would have killed both projects.  Working with that agency, we explained how important these business developments were to our community and that the requirements they demanded were totally unfair.  We managed to remove the obstacles and create many new jobs and added tax base for Mayodan. The Town of Mayodan has been blessed with good government for many years.  However, as a town we cannot stand still, we should always be trying to improve. We need to build on the successes of the past to make a brighter future.  I want to play a part in making Mayodan one of the finest towns in North Carolina.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community? And how do you propose to address them?

The most pressing issues for Mayodan are (1) Improving the town’s appearance, (2) Job Creation and (3) Infrastructure Maintenance. (1) In order to accomplish improving the appearance of Mayodan, I would propose the creation of an Appearance Commission. This group would award both residences and businesses that excel in beautifying their property.  It would also advise the council on steps that can be taken by the town to strengthen ordinances on maintaining property.  The town also needs to move forward as rapidly as is possible to continue and complete the initial clean up of the Tultex property.  It is the first thing people see as they cross into town and it needs to be an asset.  Main Street and Second Avenue need to get special attention for appearance improvement.  They are the main traffic arteries through town and the downtown business district.  Making sure the town is as attractive as possible is a major plus when representatives of new businesses are considering locating in Mayodan.  (2)  Job Creation is always one of the most important tasks for any town.  It is also one of the most difficult.  We must be prepared for the very competitive nature of economic development.  We are in a very strong position due to our water and sewer system capacity and the pending completion of I-73.  (3)  Infrastructure Maintenance is a critical activity of the town.  We have a tremendous responsibility to provide water and sewer to our own citizens, but also water to Stoneville and sewer to both Stoneville and Madison.  We need to continue to make sure these facilities and our lines in town are properly maintained.

How do you propose to continue the revitalization of downtown? Any incentives?

First, incentives along the lines of industrial performance incentives are not really appropriate in a retail application.  There are however other things the town can do.  First, make sure we maintain sidewalks and town owned parking lots and properties in the downtown areas to keep them as attractive and safe as possible.  I would suggest reviewing any façade improvement programs the town might have already in place for retail businesses. Additionally, we can make sure all the business owners are aware of any such programs that exist.  I would create a dialog with the downtown merchants to learn how the town can help build the business environment downtown.  By being receptive to ideas from existing business owners, we can help build those businesses, and make Mayodan more attractive to new entrepreneurs who might open a business.

James Darrell Allred


Age: 77

Address: 108 N. Fourth Ave.

Occupation: Locksmith

Highest educational degree earned: High School

Leadership experience: Operation Superintendent For Davidson Electric Member Corporation

Civic involvement: Rockingham-Madison Rescue Board

Home Phone: 336-548-9554

Email: N/A

What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

20 years as Councilman, 4 years as Mayor Pro Temp, 27 years as Operations Superintendent for Davidson Electric Member Corporation.

Why are you seeking this office, and why should voters elect you?

This office gives me the opportunity to be a voice for the citizens and the needs of the town. I will Strive to meet expectations.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community? And how do you propose to address them?

Mill Site, Aging infrastructure, recycling. This will be evaluated by the new board.

How do you propose to continue the revitalization of downtown? Any incentives?

I support revitalization of downtown. Incentives will be evaluated by the new board.

Melanie Shemo Barnes


Age: 36

Address: 104 W. Roosevelt St. 

Occupation: Cosmetologist/Salon Owner

Highest educational degree earned: Cosmetology Degree

Leadership experience: Forest Grove Board of Directors, Managing my own business

Civic involvement: Downtown Mayodan Merchants Association, Small Town Main Street, Washington Mills Advisory Committee

Home Phone: (336) 453-6044


What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

My experience includes being a member of the Downtown Mayodan Merchants Association for 7 plus years and serving on the Board for 6 years as the Treasurer. The Merchants Association is the group that puts on the "What the Hay" Fest and the Downtown Mayodan Christmas Stroll.   I am currently serving on the Forest Grove Swim Club Board of Directors as the Secretary/Treasurer and have been for 4 years.  Along with 4 other board members we are the ones that make all the decisions for the pool in order to make it a successful enterprise.  I was also an active member of the Small Town Main Street Group that was headed by the town manager.  I am a successful small business owner in Downtown Mayodan and have been for 13 years.

Why are you seeking this office, and why should voters elect you?

I am seeking this office because I would like to be a new voice representing  the Council and proposing new, fresh ideas to help Mayodan grow.  I have been a resident of Mayodan for 30 years; I grew up on 5th Ave.  I love small town living and know what it is all about.  I have been very involved in helping to revitalize the downtown area for several years now. I always have Mayodan's best interests at heart. I love Mayodan and want to see our town continue to grow and move forward but at the same time keep our small town charm.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community? And how do you propose to address them?

Some of the pressing issues facing our community that, if elected, I would like to address are the drug epidemic, the future of the mill property and the deterioration of both business  and residential properties  in Mayodan.  We need a Council that is willing to tackle these hard to resolve issues.  The drug epidemic is not just an issue for our town, but our County as a whole.   I would like to see our Council work with the County leaders to provide education, and/or a help center,  for those facing drug problems in our area. 

The mill site is a huge project the town took on that will need millions of dollars to make it the community area it has been designed to be.  However,  the Council could take steps toward the big goal,  for example,  by applying for grants to help with the site cleanup.

The Council could also look into the possibility of a similar grant to help the downtown building owners make improvements to their buildings,  as well as,  look into possible grants to help property owners in Mayodan who need extra help to get their properties back in good condition.

How do you propose to continue the revitalization of downtown? Any incentives?

I would propose that we continue trying to bring in new businesses to our downtown by creating incentives to entice those businesses to choose Mayodan.  Mayodan has  a lot of history which could open the doors for endless opportunities as far as grants go. The Small Town Main Street Group helped several building owners do some much needed improvements to their buildings around 5 years ago.    I would love to see that opportunity arise again.  Securing grants would be an incentive the town could offer to show businesses that they are welcomed in Mayodan. 

Doug Cardwell


Age: 66

Address: 716 Roach St. 

Occupation: Wall Lumber Company

Highest educational degree earned: Vocational Degree – Rockingham Community College

Leadership experience: Former business manager and supervisory experience

Civic involvement: Charter member and former Board Member of Mayodan Preservation League; Former Board Member of Rockingham County Habitat for Humanity

Home Phone: 336-427-3996


What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

While I have no prior political experience, which is not necessarily a bad thing, I have been around many people who have held leadership roles in the town. I have learned many things about the operations of the town through the years. I have served on the Planning and Zoning Board for six years and have helped make decisions that were beneficial to the Town. I have spent most of my years of employment working with the pubic. I managed one of our local businesses for sixteen years. I fairly supervised many employees for twenty-five years of my career. I have the ability to listen to the opinions of people and research issues to find the best resolution. This is the same type thing a good Councilman should do.

Why are you seeking this office, and why should voters elect you?

I have lived in the city limits of Mayodan my entire life. I have seen Mayodan when it was thriving with industries and stores and I have seen it when it was not so prosperous. We are fortunate that recently we have seen a slight turn-around with new industries coming and the downtown to begin to see some revitalization. I would like to work to make a positive contribution to helping continue with this upswing. As I have said many times, Mayodan has been good to me and I would like to be able to do something that would hopefully, be good for Mayodan. I have no political agenda other than to do what is right for the Town of Mayodan and the citizens. I am not running against anyone. I am running for one of the three seats that are available for the Town Council. As a Council member you only have one vote of five and no one person can do anything alone, so I will not make any promises that I can. The only promise I will make to the voters is that I will always support and vote for things that are proven to benefit the citizens of the Town of Mayodan. I humbly ask for your support on November 5th.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community? And how do you propose to address them?

1)  Our water and sewer lines as well as our streets are in bad shape. Our lines have been in place for a long time and they continue to deteriorate. We have more and more water lines breaking. In only a few weeks in the same block, there were two different breaks and a few months earlier there was another one only a few feet up the street. This causes our streets to be cut open which causes them to be rough and unsightly. It takes a lot of time for our Public Works Department to tear up streets, repair lines and repair the streets. I would like to see us seek grants to make necessary improvements. I would also like to see us become more proactive by finding funds to set aside each year for upgrades to our infrastructure. Improvements will not happen overnight, but hopefully, we can gradually work to make the improvements to water and sewer lines so we can repair our streets.

2) Our town has had an increasing amount of trash and junk on properties. I ride the streets on a regular basis and am constantly amazed at how much junk is piled everywhere. I see old furniture, mattresses, and bags of trash on the roadside. I see junk cars in driveways and back yards. It is a disgrace to our town to see so much mess. I would like to see current ordinances enforced and new ones put in place so there is some accountability if you allow such a mess on your property.

3)  Our county has recently been identified in the news as being one of the leaders in drug problems in our state. It seems that we have had some of the same issues in Mayodan. I do feel our Police Department is working diligently to help solve some of the problems, even though at times people feel they are not doing enough. Without proof they cannot make arrests that will stick for prosecution. As citizens, we need to be vigilant in contacting the police when we see something that does not look right. With more citizen participation, hopefully, more punishable arrests can be made. I would like to see a continued improvement in funding for the Police Department, especially in the drug enforcement area.

How do you propose to continue the revitalization of downtown? Any incentives?

I would like to see us continue to recruit new businesses for downtown as well as industries for other areas of town. We need to be a liaison between owners of empty buildings and potential business owners to find suitable space for them.  We need to do everything we can to improve the appearance of downtown so people will want to come to Mayodan to start a business. I am not in favor of giving financial incentives with taxpayer’s money. There is too much of a chance that the money will be given and the business might close and not fulfill the agreement.

Shaunna Priddy Overman


Age: 31

Address: 101 N. Eighth Ave.

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Highest educational degree earned: Bachelor's of Science, Elon University 

Leadership experience: CEO of The Overman Group Real Estate Firm, President of the DMMA 2019, Board Member of the WRCC 2017-Present.

Civic involvement: Downtown Mayodan Merchant's Association, Western Rockingham Chamber of Commerce, Mayodan Preservation League, Leadership Rockingham Participant

Home Phone: 336-552-8083


What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

My experience that qualifies me to serve in this capacity includes: a degree in Business Administration from Elon University, municipal experience with The Town of Gibsonville while in college, owner of The Overman Group a top Triad real estate firm, Western Rockingham Chamber of Commerce Board Member 2017-Present, Downtown Mayodan Merchant’s Association 2018-Present, Leadership Rockingham Participant 2019-2020. and my volunteer work for Mayodan’s What the Hay Festival and Christmas Stroll. My professional background and community involvement offer an exceptional combination to serve Mayodan in this capacity.

Why are you seeking this office, and why should voters elect you?

The reason I am running for town council is to ensure a strong future for Mayodan. Our town has done a great job in the past with tackling the issues at hand and ensuring we as a town are financially strong to continue thriving. Overall I feel there are opportunities to be better and I think that is the case with any small town. It is imperative that we not only look to today, but we look down the road 5, 10 and 20 years. My goal is for our children to look to Mayodan as I do, an amazing place to raise a family, an incredible place to own a business, and a place that never loses its beauty and charm.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community? And how do you propose to address them?

The three most pressing issues facing our community are cleanup of our current mill site, creating present and future opportunities for the youth in our community, and continued health and safety of our citizens.

Cleanup of our mill site is vital to the future of Mayodan. Working towards additional grant opportunities to finish cleanup and future development of our mill site is key.  This is a project we desperately need to see through and there are future revenue opportunities that may result from this that we need to explore for our town. The debris site is a detriment to our growth, and it is imperative that we see the cleanup through as quickly as possible. I would love to see this through to make sure everyone knows just how beautiful Mayodan is once again.

As we attract further businesses and revive our downtown we must look forward to our future. Working with our recreation department to continue to offer solutions for our youth looking for activities, working with local organizations and business owners to continue providing exceptional annual events, and exploring new opportunities outside of our current capabilities. Offering opportunities for our youth is imperative for young families looking to move back to the area, and those looking to stay in Mayodan when their education is complete.

In order to support a vital community for many years to come, I would like to ensure that our first responders in our fire department, police department, and rescue squad have proper resources to continue serving our community to the best of their abilities.  Each of these provide indispensable services to our community and we cannot watch them go by the wayside due to lack of resources. The health and safety of our citizens in Mayodan is very pressing in my opinion and a topic I fear is often overlooked.  This should include, but is certainly not limited to, further discussion on the opioid epidemic in our small community as it has extensive reach. The Town of Mayodan needs to know what we can do to help keep our citizens safe and provide resources for aid.

In order to achieve these goals  we must have great relationships with outside organizations and resources both inside and outside of our community. We must learn our strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth. We have done well, and we can do better. 

How do you propose to continue the revitalization of downtown? Any incentives?

In order to continue the revitalization of downtown Mayodan I would like to look to additional grant opportunities to finish cleanup and future development of our mill site. Until this project is complete, many business owners may overlook all that Mayodan has to offer. In addition, I would like to attract small businesses to revive our downtown area; there are businesses in our area looking for properties for rent.  Maintaining strong lines of communication with our downtown building owners  is key. If elected I would like to make efforts to keep downtown Mayodan in business, this begins by knowing which properties are available and promoting these opportunities throughout professional organizations both local to the Western side of Rockingham County and outside of the County as well. 

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