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Early voting is open and an election will be held on Nov. 5 for three seats on Madison's Board of Aldermen, as well as mayoral office. To better inform the public, RockinghamNow invited candidates to fill out a questionnaire detailing their backgrounds, eligibility for public office and goals.

Of the two Madison mayoral candidates registered with the Rockingham County Board of Elections, one responded. Opposing Myers is Michael Justice who did not return a response. Of the five alderman candidates, four responded. Virginia Hoover did not respond.

David C Myers Col. USMC (Ret.)


ADDRESS: 202 Dahl Street

AGE: 60

OCCUPATION: Colonel USMC (Ret.) as of 1 May 2012.

Current Mayor of Madison 

HIGHEST DEGREE EARNED: B.S. Industrial Technology, Western Carolina University, Class of 1981.


First, 30+ years of various levels of leadership positions/ responsibilities throughout my Marine Corps career, i.e. numerous Operations and Executive Officer positions at the Marine Corps Squadron, Group and Joint Training Command levels. Commanding Officer of a Marine Fighter Squadron during War (VMFA(AW)-121), Commanding Officer of a Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS Miramar), Deputy Commander of Marine Corps Installations West (MCI-W) responsible for all funding, maintenance, personal, operations, training, training areas and government( State and Federal) issues for all Marine Corps bases on the West Coast as well as Operations Officer and Chief of Staff positions for 2 and 3 Start commands. Finally, I have been the Mayor of Madison since 2013 and am very familiar with the current state of affairs, vision and both daily operations and future planning, for Madison.

Why am I seeking this office and why should voters elect me?

The answer to both questions lies in my proven military experience coupled with the successes and achievements in the past terms as Mayor to first, effectively lead a board that has reduced our overall Debt as well as increased the General and Water and Sewer Funds through grants to upgrade our above and below ground infrastructure needs without raising rates but once during my pass terms. Second, by increasing Madison’s economic development and businesses growth potential by capitalizing on Madison’s downtown personal appeal as well as leveraging our natural resources and out outdoor recreational activities to become a destination for tourism and a prime and safe location for families to live and work.

What are the Three most pressing issues facing your community and how do you propose to address them?

 First, the current population of Madison is approximately 2,200 citizens which limits tax revenue which is critical for economic growth, improvement to our infrastructure needs as well as attraction to small and large businesses in to our area for job creations. We need to market ourselves more effectively, capitalizing on our strengths which lie in our out door recreation assets, low tax, water and sewer rates as well as an abundance of open land to development in to much needed housing or industrial sites. Second, with out housing, you can not grown. With the expansion and improvement of I-73, it now takes minutes to get to Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point. And because those areas are expanding and our appeal, families are now moving in our direction as well families from upper northern states to our area to live and commute to work. Housing is key to our growth, without it we do not grow. Housing is being developed south of Madison but until we expand our city limits to that direction we gain no additional tax revenue and no work force attraction for businesses to come in to our area. Therefore,we need to look at expanding our city limits south of Madison and are doing so at this time. Third is job creation. By addressing the first two issues we can now position ourselves more effectively to increase our population and keep our families living and working in and around Madison which directly enhances work force appeal to small and large business which creates jobs which is key to our success.

How will you help with initiatives to build tourism in town and along the Dan and Mayo Rivers?

 Most know already that Madison has a plan in-place to enhance the recreational use of the Dan River. We have been working with State and Federal agencies as well as engineers to develop the Lindsey Bridge Dam access area in to a water park as well as the access point at the 704 bridge to funnel boaters into down town Madison. This project, mostly funded by Federal and State grants, is expected to start early April 2020. It will open up 50 miles of the Dan River for recreational use that was never available before without impacting our primary source for water for the town and county. Additionally, it will control erosion concerns, provide protection and study for endangered aquatic species (specifically the Roanoke Log Perch), and enhance our outdoor recreational appeal to the surrounding communities, counties and state. This project is greatly supported by the State, County and NC Parks and Recreation Department to enhances North Carolina’s recreational appeal. With this project in place we become a destination for recreational for boating, hiking and mountain biking increasing tourism and economic growth to Madison, surrounding communities and the County.


Mary Reese Martin



Age: 73

Occupation: Retired from Bank of America, Greensboro, and American Express.

Highest Degree Earned: Bachelor’s degree in journalism, minor in speech forensics, North Carolina A&T University, Greensboro.

Leadership experience: Handled town hall meetings for Bank of America, Greensboro. Served as editor and feature writer for BOA corporate magazine in Greensboro, service on numerous BOA committees and advocacy for other employees with grievances and concerns. I do proof reading and editing and advise people with mortgages. Campaigned in past elections for Gene Hairston, uncle and former Madison Mayor Pro-Tem.

Civic involvement: Volunteer work with Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Proofreading for local church.

Contact info: 

Phone: 336-988-1606


What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

I basically know how the town should be run. I grew up in a town that was very active and productive. People came here all the time. They did shopping and groceries and clothing and housing. I’d like to see this come back to Madison. That's the reason I say "Placing Madison Back on the Map" for my platform.

I’ve personally experienced when you go and talk to someone at the Town of Madison they basically ignore your request.

I have spoken to several different people in Madison who have given up on asking the town to do anything.

Nichols Street needs to be paved, recycling needs to be improved around the Nichols Street area and access needs to be improved.

Why are you seeking this office, and why should voters elect you?

In every capacity I ever worked in, I looked for ways to do things better. I’ve always seen ways to be innovative and improve things. And I think with the Town of Madison, people need to know their voices are being heard, listened to and responded to. If you complain about things, they don’t care. And I want to be a voice for the people. I will stand up. I have been an advocate in Madison before and this I feel like my voice can bring about change in Madison.

Madison doesn’t need a lot of change but what I would like to see is let’s get us back into a movie theater, and I definitely want a newspaper back here, and some type of entertainment where the kids and adults can have some fun.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community and how do you propose to address them?

The most pressing thing in Madison is the lack of communication between the public employees and the citizens of Madison. We need people who are on the board to listen to the citizens and what their concerns are. We need the town to grow. The town is stagnated. And I think that can be brought about.

We need to have activities, some kind of businesses that will draw in people from outside, people who will want to live in Madison.

I found here in Madison, there are people living right here in the city limits who do not have running water or any kind of plumbing, and they’re living in houses that are not supposed to be lived in.

How will you help with initiatives to build up tourism in town and along the Dan and Mayo Rivers?

A lot of people don’t come to Madison because they don’t know what’s available. We have recreational spots where people can kayak and camp and we need to put some signs out on Hwy. 220 and Hwy. 311 and let people know that these types of activities are available. We also need to do work on our parks.

Suzie Vaughan Wilkinson


Address: 117 East Hunter Street

Age: 37

Occupation: Owner and operator of The Boxley Venue, Madison.

Highest degree earned: Working on my master's.

Leadership experience: Multi business owner, 3 children, PTA VP, worked in management for 10 years prior to owning.

Civic involvement: member of Young Professionals group, member of the chamber of commerce, local fundraising.

Contact info:

Home phone: 336-301-0396


What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

I'm energetic, friendly, goal oriented and civic minded. I have lived in quite a few cities and towns and this is where I finally feel at home. I bring a fresh perspective and a fierceness of protecting the beauty of what we have as a town to offer.

Why are you seeking this office and why should voters elect you?

I want to be as involved in my new community as possible. To share my enthusiasm for this beautiful town I now get to call home.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community. And how do you propose to address them?

Continuity of the towns within the county. Responsible economic development. Housing.

How will you help with initiatives to build up tourism in town and along the Dan and Mayo Rivers?

I am a member of a group that is focusing on the mill site project. Was involved in hosting potential investors for a tour of the towns in our county. I will aid in any way possible to get the project done within a timely manner so we as a community can benefit from our beautiful scenery.

William M. Phillips


Address: 202 Hillcrest Drive

Age: 50

Occupation: Pastor of Fountain Of Youth Outreach Ministry as of 1996

Highest degree earned: Bachelor’s Degree Biblical Studies

What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

I have 25 Years of Pastoral Leadership and throughout the tenure of my ministry, I have been an advocate for the disadvantaged, instructor for those seeking direction, mentor for career development and counselor for those who have been traumatized or who have struggled to cope with the atrocities of life. This field of endeavor has brought change to the community we Pastor and the lives we’ve touched abroad. In addition, I also serve as the Director of Volunteers for the Global United Fellowship, currently situated in Nassua, Bahamas. Further, I have the distinct honor of being chaplain of the Madison Police Department.

Why am I seeking this office and Why should voters elect me?

As a Pastor for 25 years, I have grown to realize the importance of community, and of course this conviction includes opportunities for growth, infrastructure, housing and economic development, and this supports my reason for office. To exist in a city that has so much potential, community involvement, in my estimation, is the endorsement that assures Madison a promising future and my confidence rests in the fact that partnering with like minded people further reinforces success. My concern for this community is change and growth, and my faith drives me to believe that nothing is impossible. This is why I believe your vote is important.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community and how do you propose to address them?

In my opinion, the three most pressing issues in our community are as follows: population, lack of housing to support growth, and keeping our youth in Madison. We need to create strategies that will give us financial relief, so that we can influence investments that will acknowledge future projects. Soon our recreational activities will benefit from this model and this should be our pilot going forward. Following this path, I strongly believe that fresh ideas, creativity, innovation, ingenuity, and greater opportunity will encourage the youth to advance within the city limits of Madison. It is my belief that this kind of energy supports resurgence and rejuvenation. Finally, I encourage finances, patience and support, because together we can change the face of Madison.

How will you help with initiatives to build tourism in town and along the Dan and Mayo rivers?

Currently, Madison is already working towards our river projects. Both state and federal agencies, as well as engineers, are working collectively to satisfy an official physical beginning point. And while we are eager for finalization, the capacity of this project cannot be over emphasized. This is a major project that will widen the borders of our city and bring together adjacent communities. Additionally, it will control erosion concerns and provide study for endangered aquatic species. My excitement has encouraged my involvement, and I look forward to giving voice to ideas that will bring the feel of tourism, exploration, travel, and passage.

Tom Rogers


Address: 205 S. Lonesome Road

Age: 69

Highest Degree Earned: BS in History and Political Science from High Point University.

Leadership Experience: 12 years Madison Board of Aldermen, Representative to Madison-Mayodan Recreation Commission, Representative to Rockingham County Solid Waste Commission, Member and Chair of various committees at Madison United Methodist Church.

Phone: 336-613-3650


What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

 I believe that having served on the Madison Board of Aldermen for twelve years, serving as Mayor Pro Tem for four years, representing the Town of Madison on the Madison-Mayodan Recreation Commission and on the Rockingham County Solid Waste Commission makes me the most experienced candidate running for Alderman in this election.

Why are you seeking this office and why should voters elect you?

Having lived and worked in the town of Madison for 59 years has given me a great love for this community and its citizens along with the desire to see it prosper. My wife and I walk along the streets of town on a regular basis. I see and talk with citizens, business owners, town employees, and visitors. This helps to give me a vision of where we are and where we need to be in the future. If I am re-elected, I will be honored to continue to serve the community I love.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?

In my opinion, the three most pressing issues facing our community at this time are our local economy, affordable housing, and growth. Solutions for these are interrelated. Our board continues to work with and to strongly encourage the Rockingham County Economic Development and Tourism Department to include the western part of the county when recruiting businesses and industries to locate in our county. I will personally continue to push for greater attention to be given to our area, and when those efforts are successful, I believe we will see growth in our population, economy, and the availability of more affordable housing.

How will you help with initiatives to build tourism in town and along the Dan and Mayo rivers?

I am involved with the ongoing Lindsey Bridge/Dan River Project. We continue to meet regularly with all agencies involved in upgrading the current dam at Pine Hall Brick to create a unique system of weirs that will be an attraction expected to draw large numbers of tourists to our area. This is an ongoing project that I am very excited to be a part of and that I feel will have a tremendous positive economic and recreational impact for years to come. My continued involvement in this project compliments my role as a member of the Madison-Mayodan Recreation Commission as the two will be intertwined going forward.

Virginia Hoover


Address: 713 W. Academy Street

Age: 68 yrs.

Occupation: Retired educator

Highest degree earned: Master’s degree in School Administration

Leadership experience: Former Rockingham County School Board member.

Civic involvement: Liaison for Public Education, NCAE member, Modernistic Club.

Phone: 336-427-5522


What experience qualifies you to serve in this capacity?

I am a proven leader with experience in serving the public. I have served in leadership roles in every capacity in my life; whether it be church, professional associations, and school board.

Why are you seeking this office and why should voters elect you?

I am seeking this office because I have experience in developing policy, interpreting policy, and implementing policy for the public. I am a professional social worker. Policy affects every aspect of our daily lives. I am an advocate for public engagement.

What are the three most pressing issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?

I believe the three pressing issues are:

1) branding our town, 2) infrastructure, and 3) community engagement. I will seek to provide information within our community; seeking input from the citizens. Therefore creating a win-win for all citizens within our town.

How will you help with initiatives to build up tourism in town and along the Dan and Mayo Rivers?

I will work diligently with branding our town, making every one knowledgeable about the great resources our town has available and plentiful water supply from the Dan River for industry and leisure activities.

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