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File No. 19001051 COMPLAINT AND NOTICE OF HEARING BEFORE HOUSING INSPECTOR UNDER HOUSING CODE TO: Owners and parties in interest in the property located at 625 S. FIELDCREST ROAD of the City of Eden, North Carolina. ROBERT LEE SMITH; all assignees, heirs at law and devisees of ROBERT LEE SMITH together with all creditors and lienholders regardless of how or through whom they claim, and any and all persons claiming any interest in the estate of ROBERT LEE SMITH, including, but not limit to, the following: Ruth Stewart 422 Rose Street Eden, NC 27288 YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the dwelling unit and/or lot located at the address designated above is in a condition that appears to be unfit for human habitation and to violate the City of Eden Minimum Housing Code in the following ways: Dilapidation, decay, unsanitary conditions or disrepair YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that a hearing will be held before the Housing Inspector of the City of Eden at 308 East Stadium Dr. at 9:00 A.M. , August 8, 2019 for the purpose of finding the facts as to whether or not the condition of such property falls within the scope of the above mentioned sections of the Housing Code. At the hearing, you shall be entitled to offer such evidence as is relevant to material to the questions sought to be determined or the remedies to be effected. YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that if, upon such hearing, the Housing Inspector shall find that the conditions of the above described property do in fact violate the Housing Code, and do in fact render such dwelling unit unfit for human habitation, the Housing Inspector will issue an order in writing directed to the owner of such property requiring the owner to remedy these conditions. The Housing Inspector may make such other orders and take such other procedures as are authorized under the Housing Code and the General Statutes of North Carolina. Further information as to this matter may be obtained by contacting the undersigned at (336) 623-2110. This the 19th day of July, 2019. s/Joshua Woodall, Codes Inspector