To the editor:

There seems to be no end to the many ways the Republican Party can find to be hateful and divisive.Clearly, the Republicans are concerned about losing their hold on election day, so they have resorted to mean-spirited attacks and gay-baiting candidates rather than addressing the issues.

The Republican Party has bankrupted our state and national governments while catering to the rich and squeezing the working people; yet they want us to be outraged when candidates speak up for fair treatment of oppressed groups.

All caring people should be concerned with building community, not sowing the seeds of hatred; with the qualities that make for loving human beings, rather than playing on fears and pitting neighbor against neighbor.

We should be delighted that we have candidates courageous enough to speak up for those who feel they can't speak up for themselves. These candidates hold out a vision for our community where we are all loved, respected and fairly treated. The Rev. Bernard W. Hess Carolyn S. Allen

This letter was also signed by four other persons.

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