A man was found shot to death and burned earlier this year in Oak Ridge. Authorities believe someone wanted to get rid of the Hispanic victim and get rid of his identity, too.


A body found in an Oak Ridge field five months ago probably is that of a Hispanic male in his mid-20s who was shot ``execution style' before he was burned beyond recognition.

Anthropology experts at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville reconstructed the man's fractured skull last week and determined that the victim was most likely a Hispanic man, Guilford sheriff's Detective David DeBerry said.The man had been shot in the base of the skull with a shotgun, DeBerry said. His body - found in a wooded field off N.C. 68 in Oak Ridge - was burned about 25 yards away from where he was shot, DeBerry said.

``It was not an ordinary killing,' he said. ``Someone wanted to get rid of this person and then get rid of (his identity). It was an execution-style killing as far as I see it.'

To reconstruct the man's face, experts at the University of Tennessee measured the inside and outside of the man's skull and fed the measurements into a computer. The skull was then pieced back together and molded with clay to form facial features based on computer findings. From this, experts can determine a probable race.

Experts also were able to take hair samples from the skull to determine that the man had brown hair, and probably had a mustache, DeBerry said.

Detectives have had no luck finding anyone to match the person's description since the body was found Feb. 1. Dental records from missing persons in Guilford and surrounding counties have not matched those of the man.

Anyone who thinks he or she may recognize the man should call the Guilford sheriff's department at 373-3860.

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