I say ``right on' to Brian S. Clark's (Oct. 25) letter about his positive experiences in the ``Anytown' program of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. This demonstrates that the world may not have to suffer through another generation of ignorant racists.

I don't want all of the Page High problems from last year to resurface. However, I feel Brian's letter was an example of one positive outcome. I was very disappointed in the racial things happening at Page. I was also very disillusioned to see that racism was so prevalent among young people.The ``Anytown' program described by Brian seems to be a step in the right direction. This program changed attitudes towards racism and other social issues for a group of teenagers who were placed in a week-end residential situation. It may take many programs like this to change some of the embedded negative attitudes of people who just don't get it otherwise.

Brian Clark and this program at least give me some hope that we are not necessarily regressing in the area of race relations. I wish the ``Anytown' program concepts could be shared throughout Greensboro and all the world. A. Jean Jackson Greensboro

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