Greensboro Beautiful's Christmas tree recycling resulted in several hundred persons participating.

Over 6,100 trees were collected between Dec. 26 and Jan. 12 at the Coliseum Overflow Parking Lot and were chipped into mulch by the Greensboro Parks & Recreation Department and Wrico Equipment Corporation. Forty-one loads of mulch, valued at approximately $1,250, were distributed to Greensboro parks and are being used to mulch landscaped areas and trails where needed.``The community response was tremendous,' says Pam Allen, Greensboro Beautiful chairman. ``Citizens not only brought their own trees, but told us they had stopped along the way to the Coliseum to pick up other trees they saw just lying in the streets.

``We are grateful for the participation of those who believe in personally doing their part to make our city streets more attractive during the holidays, helping to save landfill space, and providing valuable mulch to public landscaped areas.'

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