Cellphone (copy)

Most teenagers with mobile devices keep them in their rooms overnight — and nearly a third of those bring them into their beds, disturbing the restful sleep they need for their developing bodies.

Anyone with half a brain knows it isn’t either the guns or the rhetoric that’s responsible mass shootings. Only politicians exploiting these tragic events think they can convince voters that their simple solutions (“dump the racist Trump” and “get rid of guns”) will stop the carnage. Most Americans are too smart for political solutions and the politicians haven’t the brains or guts to either think or address the real issue. The devolution of American culture for three straight generations has no quick fix, but if you’re looking for the single biggest contributing factor to that devolution look no further than what’s right now in your hand or pocket or purse.

Yes that device, which unlike guns, in the hands of young, impressionable children has created a culture of likes, dislikes, exclusion and bullying which, when taken to extreme with the most vulnerable and combined with exposure to hateful manifestos, has created more of what we now call monsters than all other factors combined, including all the guns. Even with dire warnings from experts for years to these dangers don’t expect a surgeon general’s warning on cellphones any time soon. Politicians and the media won’t allow this highlighting of the eminent danger and America is too addicted to its devices.

William Warner

High Point

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