In response to the record flooding in Arkansas — and as a former college student whose apartment flooded, resulting in two weeks of couch-surfing during the height of classes — I beg: Take climate change seriously.

With all of the reports that have been published about how much time we have left before we enter “the point of no return,” these same scientists also have published good news: There are ways to slow this damage.

One is as simple as calling your representative in support of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763). This policy places a fee on fossil fuels at the source of their extraction; the money collected will go back to households as a monthly dividend to stimulate our economy while also encouraging an industry shift to sustainable practices.

In a nutshell, this policy is measurable, bipartisan and holistic. It takes into account economic, environmental and social factors of climate change. I’ve been calling Rep. Ted Budd almost every week asking him to support this legislation. I respectfully ask readers to help the Citizens Climate Lobby encourage our representatives to support this.

KimberMarie Faircloth


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