Trails - Bog Garden (copy)

A couple walks hand-in-hand on the boardwalk at the Bog Garden in Greensboro. 

Apparently, Charles W. Lomax cherishes the Bog Garden but is not familiar with non-native invasive plants (“Don’t make Bog Garden Park an eyesore,” Counterpoint, Aug. 13).

There is a long list of invasive plants at I do not know them all although a botanist in the North Carolina Native Plant Society specializes in invasive plants and writes a column in the newsletter. Golden bamboo is definitely a non-native invasive plant that should be removed.

During a group walk-around the Bog Garden about three years ago the leader was identifying all the nice native plants for those who did not know them and, as she did, I pointed out invasive plants such as Nandina domestica, multi-flora rose, English ivy, etc. It could be partly my doing that someone had the idea to remove the invasive plants. We have removed all invasive plants from our home garden aside from tall fescue, which serves as a small lawn.

I invite Mr. Lomax to join the North Carolina Native Plant Society, where he can broaden his knowledge of native plants. He has stated that oak leaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) is a non-native plant when it is actually a choice native.

Judy Stierand


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