What happened to our country?

We now cower to thugs who would destroy private property to prove something.

There are legal recourses to change laws. One isn’t the destruction of someone’s property.

Unless you think you can get away with it.

Hence, the ripping down of “Silent Sam” in Chapel Hill. Arrests were made, charges filed, but so far there have been few consequences.

Now the mayor of Winston Salem decides to cave and move a piece of history, claiming public safety concerns. Is this why I served this country: to protect wrongdoers and vandals?

I thought it was so that all in this country maintained the right to pursue happiness and achieve their dreams, not to be thugs. I have no dog in this hunt, but am very dismayed by the direction the country is going in.

Instead of upholding the law, we now seek to run from righteous rights, to bow to loudmouthed activists.

Mayor, do what is right instead of sticking your finger into the political wind to see which way the wind is blowing. To cower to activism this time means you’ll cave to any and all who make the most noise. Enough already.

Jeffrey Spangler


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