Early Voting Opens in North Carolina (copy)

Early voting at the Old Guilford County Courthouse in 2018.

I read with dismay the recent article on voting machines (“For Guilford voters, it’s back to basics,” News & Record, Oct. 2).

The article mentioned the success of N.C. A&T students in petitioning for the campus to become an early voting site, as well as six other additional sites being approved, which increased the total to 15.

County election board member Kathryn Lindley voted against this, saying “That means we are going to have to spend somewhere in the vicinity of $550,000 for 35,000 voters.”

I was appalled, then angry at this comment. What a callous and dismissive attitude she appears to have toward the very people she is charged with helping in her role on the Board of Elections. Elections are being put under a microscope and even then often called “rigged.” Wouldn’t a larger turnout help allay those concerns?

How many candidates would like those 35,000 votes? Ms. Lindley seems to think that we have reached some peak of voter participation, and that to try this is not worth a paltry $15.71 per voter.

How shortsighted and haughty. These sites will increase the number of voters. Just not the ones she wants.

Tim Maier

High Point

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