N&R Forum: Dreams Deferred (copy)

Leonard Pitts, Jr. during the News & Record Forum, Voices for a Stronger Guilford, centered on the untapped potential of young black males, at the Carolina Theatre, on Sept. 23, 2015, in Greensboro.

Mr. Leonard Pitts Jr:

I refer to your column in the Monday, Aug. 19, paper (“How dare plantation tours mention slaves”).

How would you ever earn a living if there never had been slavery?

I do not hear the Jewish people complain about what they had to endure during the Second World War. I have never seen black people’s naked bodies steam shoveled into mass graves after their hair cut off, their gold teeth were removed, their possessions were stolen and who knows what else they suffered.

Yes, there are white folks who will always be racists, no matter what you say or do. And, long after you’re gone, racists will still be here, whether it’s because of color or religion or whatever.

For the most part, white people do more for African Americans than African Americans do for each other. So please, Mr. Pitts, leave us white folks alone. We get along with each other just fine.

Jess Grassi


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