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George Smith and his wife, Mary, speak during a public meeting on Thursday to raise awareness of the lawsuit against the city on behalf of Marcus Smith, who died while in police custody in Greensboro on Sept. 8, 2018.

Regarding the story “Marcus Smith’s family thanks community” (Aug. 9): This issue with Marcus Smith’s death has gone on far too long. Perhaps his mother, Mary Smith, would have preferred for the police to ignore his running through traffic and let nature takes its course.

No, they tried to help him. They placed him, unrestrained in a cruiser and he continued his rant. They released him; he struggled and was restrained, for his own good. He was under the influence of drugs, alcohol and who knows what else. If his “family” was so concerned, where were they when he got involved in drugs, etc.?

Why was he homeless, wandering around after midnight? Where were they then? If they want to look for a guilty party in this death, they need only look in the mirror — why did they not get him the help he obviously needed? The July 7 News & Record article about his family includes a long list of his past arrests and run-ins with the law that paint a different picture of Smith. Where were they then?

They only get involved when they think there is a big payday opportunity.

Had they spent the time with him when he needed help versus what they spend now trying to capitalize on his death, perhaps the outcome would have been different.

Tom Hogle


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