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President Donald and first lady Melania Trump arrive at London Stansted Airport to attend the NATO summit on Monday.

I would like to thank Kathleen Flanigan for her response (Nov. 17, “Evangelicals Do Care”) to my letter of Nov. 12.

She made a good point about the wonderful work that Samaritan’s Purse has done throughout the world. I would add that evangelicals also have responded in large numbers to places in our country that have been devastated by storms. Her other points I have some disagreement with.

Though there are some “bad eggs” among immigrants, just like there are among doctors, ministers and politicians, most immigrants are good people, many of them Christians wanting the same thing we do: a safe place to live with their families.

I don’t believe that Ms. Flanigan responded to my main point regarding the support evangelicals give to a man who has done many immoral acts. Among these are molesting women, lying chronically, sowing division in our country and trying to take basic medical care from people who might die as a result.

I believe that, if these acts had been done to their families, they would not be giving their support to this president, who refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing or to seek forgiveness.

What saddens me is that I know that most of the evangelicals are good people.

Lee A. Gable


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