Nov 3 Commemoration (copy)

Signey Waller Foxworth, who was the wife of James Waller who died 38 years ago, with her son Alex Goldstein (stepson of James Waller), places a rose on the grave stone as the Rev. Nelson Johnson rings a bell during the "Commemoration of Our Fallen Heroes of the Nov. 3rd 1979 Greensboro Massacre" by survivors, families and friends at Maplewood Cemetery, on Nov. 3, 2017, in Greensboro.

Regarding the killings on Nov. 3, 1979, and local ministers’ requests for a more “substantive” apology from the city of Greensboro: When is Nelson Johnson going to apologize?

Harry Kutchei


Editor's note: Nelson Johnson did express apologies as part of a statement he presented during the Truth and Reconciliation hearings on Aug. 26, 2005.

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